Babies have trials too…

SWEET JESUS WAS TODAY ONE BIG HUGE TEST OF MY PATIENCE. Apparently, Jayla is in the process of cutting some more teeth. I kind of figured that was the problem, because the last few nights she’s been sleeping terribly–waking up every hour or two–and she’s been biting everything, including my nipples (I know, TMI, but […]

Your value has already been determined.

No, you don’t need another person’s approval. God has already deemed you valuable. Our God is not a God who does things haphazardly. So know today and every day that you were carefully planned and lovingly designed. As my kids get older and I reluctantly relinquish them little by little into this awful world, where […]

Pain, pain, go away…come again some other…oh wait no, don’t come again…

I absolutely love baseball. More than just loving baseball, I love helping my son to also love baseball. Watching him grow into a pretty decent player is extremely rewarding. I remember how upset he was when he didn’t make the basketball team at school, and how I tried to remind him that because of complications […]

Laundry list of complaints

Exodus 16 When we last discussed Exodus, the Israelites were celebrating their victory over Pharaoh and his minions at the Red Sea with song and dance, the first time those activities were recorded in the Bible. You would think after such a victory, seeing their enemies drowned under a crushing wall of water, their faith […]

Uh-oh… A politically-correct pope?

I am not Catholic and I have never understood or agreed with their apparent placement of a mere mortal, the Pope, on a pedestal. However, I understand the influence of the Catholic church, and have watched with dismay as the revelations of sexual abuse and other accusations of immoral behavior have rocked the church. I […]