Let them eat chips..?

SMH. No, I am not shaking my head because Frito-Lay, the parent company to Doritos, thinks that LGBT teens should be safe from bullying–that much I agree with. What I am shaking my head at is that people cannot see beyond this obvious pathetic marketing ploy. Doritos is selling these bags of multi-colored chips for […]

“Joy” of motherhood?! Not feeling so joyful right now!

Sigh. Next month, my son will be nine. In February, my daughter will be four. In order to motivate myself to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancies (I never lost all of the weight from my son, got pregnant with my daughter, added to my already fat frame, and didn’t lose all of […]

Our paperwork runneth over!

My, oh my. I never would have thought having a loved one die would be so complicated. Dad died on August 11th. Yet, the paperwork, processes and fees that go along with his death continue on, a month later. I understand that things have to be done to “close out” one’s estate, so to speak. […]

Dis God’s servant=dis God himself

I’m going to get right into chapter sixteen in the book of Numbers before I get sleepy again, because it’s a good one. In the last several chapters leading up to this one, we see contention brewing among the nation of Israel. They have grumbled, complained and outright defied God. They apparently have not grasped […]

OMGoodness… Back to school we go!!!!

So basically… this whole back-to-school thing kind of snuck up on me. My husband and I planned to wait until the weekend before our eight-year-old started fourth grade to buy his new school uniforms because of how quickly he has been growing lately. At the beginning of summer, I resolved not to wait until the […]

Forgiveness for abortion

According to the Catholic church, abortion is such an awful sin that it can result in a woman who gets one being excommunicated from the Church. Pope Francis, widely being hailed as a pope who is far more inclusive and tolerant than former popes, has allowed priests to forgive women who have had abortions during […]