I am what I do, I do what I am

I am a spit-up cloth, a diaper-changer, a booger-wiper, a cook, a counselor, a rock’n’play, a toy finder, an organizer, a hairstylist, a teacher, a confidante, a builder of self-confidence, a Sunday school teacher, a bed to a fussy infant and jealous toddler, a dishwasher, a clothes launderer, a referee, a coach, a walking day […]

You will never know it all.

I know some people like to think they know everything, but it is impossible. My son celebrated his eleventh birthday on October 6th. The night before his birthday I stayed awake for quite some time, marveling at the fact that I have been a mother for over a decade. It wasn’t anything I signed up […]

“Joy” of motherhood?! Not feeling so joyful right now!

Sigh. Next month, my son will be nine. In February, my daughter will be four. In order to motivate myself to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancies (I never lost all of the weight from my son, got pregnant with my daughter, added to my already fat frame, and didn’t lose all of […]

Random Randomness

I never imagined my life would be this way. In addition to The Dutiful Deaconess, I am also interested in publishing a manuscript I wrote about a young, single college-educated woman who is struggling to find her footing in the “real world” and establish her identity. The main character, Sabrina, is loosely–very loosely–based on my […]