Check to make sure your fruit isn’t rotten…

Every now and then I perform a reflective self-check of sorts. The Apostle Paul wrote an epistle to the Christian community in Galatia (he explicitly says this in verse 2). The book in the Bible that houses said epistle is aptly titled… You already know… Galatians. After supplying a greeting that is typical of his epistles and […]

A bitter, merry laugh

I am frustrated because everyone who has read Abusing His Grace has said overall good things about it, but I’m still looking for ideas to increase its visibility. I have a few independent bookstores that said they would carry a copy for me, but I thought it would be a good idea to see what Christian marketing […]

Black Friday… Bleccch

Great Lakes Crossing, a behemoth of a mall boasting almost 185 stores and attractions, is one of my favorite places to pass the time. One thing I love about my family is how we can make anything an adventure. We bask in simple pleasures. So even if we’re not about to go buy up the […]

My book is FREE!!!

In celebration of my upcoming birthday, my book, Abusing His Grace, is available on Kindle for the price of… Wait for it… FREE!!!! GRATIS!!! ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS! This promotion applies for the Kindle version only. Please visit If you read it, please be so kind as to leave an HONEST review. I plan to get heavily […]

Oh, for shame…

How about changing that phrase to “Oh, for forgiveness?” It has been almost twenty years since I have been out of high school, and ten since I obtained my undergraduate degree. In a very short period of time in my late teens and early twenties, while I explored freedom with which I was wholly unacquainted, tried […]

A Living Testimony

Not going to church in months was a major mistake. Sure, I might have had a decent excuse. The physical ills that accompanied my pregnancy made mornings extremely difficult. The discomfort that came from sitting on those church pews was definitely not just a figment of my imagination. But what happened spiritually was even worse […]