Having church with no church…

Yesterday, instead of being at Sunday worship services, I was confined to my house. After a wonderful Saturday afternoon participating in the commencement ceremony for myself and about fifty other students from the Moody Bible Institute (I received a Christian Worker Certificate; my diligent husband was rewarded with two certificates and prayed a powerful prayer […]

God CAN cure depression!

I’m a firm believer that God can, has and will supply the needs of His children when they cry out to him. I believe it can be done either directly from him, or contrary to what some Christians believe, indirectly through other means or people. I got into an interesting conversation with other Christians about […]

Because of this day, we have hope.

I fought the urge to respond to several memes floating around Facebook disparaging Easter Sunday. As usual, the memes were rife with misinformation. It confuses me as to how people who claim to be so educated don’t even bother to research their stupid memes before they post. Instead of responding to their garbage, because I […]

Dealing with Unbelievers

Le sigh. We as Christians know that God, the Bible, and all things Christian are not necessarily popular in today’s American society. We need to prepare ourselves each and every day as we head out into this Satan-filled, Satan-ruled world to deal with unbelievers (and I say that to mean people who don’t believe in […]