Reject AND CORRECT Christian propaganda

When we hear the word “propaganda” we often think of political information.  We probably also think of the word in a negative light, as we know that opposing political factions produce and promote propaganda to advance their own causes and beliefs at the expense of others. We also know that propaganda tends to contain exaggerations, […]

Stop calling the U.S. a Christian nation.

We do not deserve to wear such an esteemed title. Not when poor patients are dumped out of hospitals in cold conditions wearing only nightgowns, such as what happened recently in Baltimore. Not when we determine whether or not another human being is worthy of being able to afford health care based on a socioeconomic […]

Is your church…and home…and heart…A judgment-free zone?

A few years back I joined Planet Fitness. It was conveniently located a few minutes away from my job and I would use my lunch break to fit in a short workout. I absolutely loved it. I always left feeling better than when I’d first come in, which is why I’m looking forward to continuing […]

Taking Christianity back from Christianists

In my humble opinion, 2017 wasn’t a particularly fruitful year in terms of evangelism. Evangelism refers to the charge every Christian undertakes once we make the decision to live for and represent Jesus. By definition evangelism is public preaching and personal testimony of the Gospel message. Unfortunately, the term has been hijacked by a group […]

Stop making stuff up!

I was very displeased to see that a conservative group that supports Trump, America First Policies, will release an ad on Christmas in which a cute little girl at the end thanks Trump for “allowing her to say Merry Christmas again”. You know what Christians… I am getting very tired of some of you. We […]

Open Letter to Betsy DeVos

I highly doubt she will ever read it, but in light of recent developments within the Department of  Education of which she is the head, I was compelled to at least voice my outrage. “Betsy DeVos… On February 16, 2003, while I was a senior at Grand Valley State University in Allendale Michigan, I was […]