Great actress, classic, un-siliconed beauty

GORGEOUS. The lovely Maureen O’Hara acted in many movies… I’ll let those who do not know who she is examine her profile on IMDB or some other similar website. Although Miracle on 34th Street was probably one of her most memorable films, it’s not one of my favorites…one of my all-time favorite movies is none […]

Oh metabolism… come out come out wherever you are…

Ahh, Jazzercise. I shouldn’t complain because I have always loved Jazzercise. It is a fun aerobic workout that combines the latest music and dance moves. It burns a lot of calories and it’s nice to take one hour and do something healthy for myself. What I wish is that getting un-fat was as fun and […]

She is stronger than she thought she was.

I’m talking about my mom, of course. Yes, I lost my earthly father, but she lost her best friend, her companion of over forty years. Just like me, she assumed that Dad was going to be here for her to grow old with. I cannot imagine how this feels for her, to have the other […]

Sometimes I hate money.

What is wrong with people??? The story involving Martin Shkreli, the founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals, disgusted me to no end. Turing backs down on Daraprim pricing For those of you who are short on time or patience, Martin Shkreli should be one of the candidates for the Worst Person of the Year 2015 award. In […]