Boys are from Neptune, Girls are from Jupiter

One of the funny and sometimes maddening aspects of having children of both sexes is that I get to see directly how different little boys and little girls can be. These past few days have been exhausting. My children have been driving me nuts. Babygirl is still teething, and she is trying to chew on […]

First time for everything, unfortunately

The Bible never says the Christian life will be easy. We have our difficult times just like everyone else. There are only three conditions in which we exist–either we are currently in a problem situation, just coming out of a problem situation, or about to go into a problem situation. This earthly life is short […]

This is when times get difficult. Yet I still rejoice.

These past few days have brought some victories and a lot of crying. When something good happens to me the first person I always wanted to tell was Dad. There was nothing like the look of pride on his face when he found out I was graduating, had gotten a new job, or become a […]