Christians need to stop splitting hairs.

  Why do people always find ways to separate themselves into groups? Where in the Bible is there a Scripture that supports multiple Christian denominations? Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal… All these things do is fracture the unity that we should have as members of the body of Christ. Where do they come from? Obviously […]

Having church with no church…

Yesterday, instead of being at Sunday worship services, I was confined to my house. After a wonderful Saturday afternoon participating in the commencement ceremony for myself and about fifty other students from the Moody Bible Institute (I received a Christian Worker Certificate; my diligent husband was rewarded with two certificates and prayed a powerful prayer […]

A bit of random and a golden calf to boot

A couple of headlines caught my eye over the past couple of days… I find this woman and her story to be fascinating, and not necessarily in a good way. By now, I am sure everyone has heard the name Rachel Dolezal. My favorite picture is this one here–notice the book she is holding: (Snickering) […]

Note to non-Christians…

I feel awful about some of the reported behavior of so-called Christians the past few weeks. Here is just one example. A total embarrassment, and hugely offensive. Here is another, and I might take some heat for this one. I will post two links although I don’t think I need to. All I need […]