Can we stop with this wall nonsense?

I hate the risk of alienating people, but I need for people to stop acting like they are allergic to facts. EASILY VERIFIABLE FACTS. In this Information Age where a simple Google search can tell you just about anything you would ever want to know, a disappointing population of Americans prefers to remain ignorant. On […]

Uhhhh… Who is that?

Better question… Who is that supposed to be,  Time Life Magazine?? I saw this magazine while standing in line impatiently waiting to pay for some last-minute Cgristmas purchases. I didn’t get to give the mag a fair shake, so maybe on the inside they discussed that Jesus did NOT look like the typical Americanized portrayals of Him. However, […]

Kid germs=Graphene-strength

Le sigh. Awhile back I did a post bemoaning the bodily-fluid-related chronicles of motherhood. I thought of resurrecting that post, but then I wouldn’t have a chance to complain. Layla came home with some viral garbage that MUST be comprised of germs with the strength of graphene. I mean this “cold” refused to make a […]

The door..!

Grief hurts. Three years after my Dad’s unexpected death, I am still struggling. The holiday season serves as a painful reminder of the loving, ebullient patriarch that left us in the twinkling of an eye. No matter how many Thanksgivings that go by, it is still odd not see him carving the Thanksgiving “boid” as […]

Black Friday… Bleccch

Great Lakes Crossing, a behemoth of a mall boasting almost 185 stores and attractions, is one of my favorite places to pass the time. One thing I love about my family is how we can make anything an adventure. We bask in simple pleasures. So even if we’re not about to go buy up the […]

My book is FREE!!!

In celebration of my upcoming birthday, my book, Abusing His Grace, is available on Kindle for the price of… Wait for it… FREE!!!! GRATIS!!! ZERO DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS! This promotion applies for the Kindle version only. Please visit If you read it, please be so kind as to leave an HONEST review. I plan to get heavily […]

A Living Testimony

Not going to church in months was a major mistake. Sure, I might have had a decent excuse. The physical ills that accompanied my pregnancy made mornings extremely difficult. The discomfort that came from sitting on those church pews was definitely not just a figment of my imagination. But what happened spiritually was even worse […]