Pain, pain, go away…come again some other…oh wait no, don’t come again…

I absolutely love baseball. More than just loving baseball, I love helping my son to also love baseball. Watching him grow into a pretty decent player is extremely rewarding. I remember how upset he was when he didn’t make the basketball team at school, and how I tried to remind him that because of complications […]

She is stronger than she thought she was.

I’m talking about my mom, of course. Yes, I lost my earthly father, but she lost her best friend, her companion of over forty years. Just like me, she assumed that Dad was going to be here for her to grow old with. I cannot imagine how this feels for her, to have the other […]

Dis God’s servant=dis God himself

I’m going to get right into chapter sixteen in the book of Numbers before I get sleepy again, because it’s a good one. In the last several chapters leading up to this one, we see contention brewing among the nation of Israel. They have grumbled, complained and outright defied God. They apparently have not grasped […]