The door..!

Grief hurts. Three years after my Dad’s unexpected death, I am still struggling. The holiday season serves as a painful reminder of the loving, ebullient patriarch that left us in the twinkling of an eye. No matter how many Thanksgivings that go by, it is still odd not see him carving the Thanksgiving “boid” as […]

She is stronger than she thought she was.

I’m talking about my mom, of course. Yes, I lost my earthly father, but she lost her best friend, her companion of over forty years. Just like me, she assumed that Dad was going to be here for her to grow old with. I cannot imagine how this feels for her, to have the other […]

First time for everything, unfortunately

The Bible never says the Christian life will be easy. We have our difficult times just like everyone else. There are only three conditions in which we exist–either we are currently in a problem situation, just coming out of a problem situation, or about to go into a problem situation. This earthly life is short […]

Our paperwork runneth over!

My, oh my. I never would have thought having a loved one die would be so complicated. Dad died on August 11th. Yet, the paperwork, processes and fees that go along with his death continue on, a month later. I understand that things have to be done to “close out” one’s estate, so to speak. […]

OMGoodness… Back to school we go!!!!

So basically… this whole back-to-school thing kind of snuck up on me. My husband and I planned to wait until the weekend before our eight-year-old started fourth grade to buy his new school uniforms because of how quickly he has been growing lately. At the beginning of summer, I resolved not to wait until the […]