Can we stop with this wall nonsense?

I hate the risk of alienating people, but I need for people to stop acting like they are allergic to facts. EASILY VERIFIABLE FACTS. In this Information Age where a simple Google search can tell you just about anything you would ever want to know, a disappointing population of Americans prefers to remain ignorant. On […]

1 Timothy 6:10…

“For the love of money is the root of all evil…” Absolutely disgusting. You run a company into the ground, causing people who are barely eking out a living to lose their jobs, and see nothing wrong with taking a┬ábonus????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? And then companies wonder why employees aren’t loyal to them anymore. SMH!  


  Donald J. Trump has given me reason number 738402836454929874625368490 to be happy that it never occurred to me to vote for him to be the president of this country. He issued yet another tone-deaf tweet today in reference to the allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh, in short, questioning why the assault wasn’t reported by […]

You were elected without even campaigning!

  As I believe I have said before, I had a hard time determining a career path because I wanted to do..everything. I wanted to be a teacher, then a doctor, then a nurse, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a nursing home administrator, a hospice program administrator… Good Lord. All of my many career […]