Kid germs=Graphene-strength

Le sigh. Awhile back I did a post bemoaning the bodily-fluid-related chronicles of motherhood. I thought of resurrecting that post, but then I wouldn’t have a chance to complain. Layla came home with some viral garbage that MUST be comprised of germs with the strength of graphene. I mean this “cold” refused to make a […]

Weight loss post script…

It has been awhile since I mentioned my weight loss efforts. I forgot to talk about it in my previous post. So far I am failing miserably. It’s not because of the Lean Shakes. I am sure that if I adhered to a stricter meal plan and exercised more I’d have better results. I’m fairly […]

MAJOR changes: Fourth time mom, first time published author!

I apologize for my hiatus. It was much needed. Prayerfully I will continue to heal and get back on CONSISTENT track toward my writing and other goals. Heal from what, you ask? Well… Drumroll please… After a very tumultuous and stressful pregnancy, my fourth bundle of absolute joy, my third girl, Soleil, was born on […]

What can I say…

I have been neglecting this place, as I have been neglectful in other areas of my life, after receiving some very unexpected news. As it turns out there is a valid reason for the digestive issues I have been having… Surprise! I am pregnant again. And it SUCKS. I was faithfully taking stupid birth control […]