Parents… Get it together. Seriously.



I have been off the grid, and it has been for one reason only… I am EXHAUSTED.

I was blessed with the first job I have had since 2015, when my declining health and the stress of the job I was working at that time (overworked, underpaid, underappreciated) exacerbated the declining health and led me to leave my medical receptionist position. Although there has never been a resolution to those issues–as a matter of fact, they have began to come back in the recent weeks with a vengeance after having gone away almost completely during my pregnancy–a perfect opportunity came along and I went for it.

For awhile now I have been reconsidering my career field of choice. I went back and forth with going into the health care field or going into education. I ultimately picked health care because I figured I’d make more money there. Now I realize I made a mistake and I should have been a teacher.

My current position is not a teacher. In order to avoid any possibility of violating the privacy rights that guide the field (FERPA, as opposed to health care’s HIPAA), I won’t talk much about the specifics of my job. I will say that I work at the school that my two oldest kids attend. I’ll also say that some of these parents ought to be ashamed.

I understand parenting is hard so I typically reserve heaping negativity on other parents, but what I see everyday in that school is absolutely unacceptable. It is getting cold, yet small children come to school and go out to recess without coats or hats. Explain to me how a kid can learn consistently if she is missing days of school because she has a cold from being improperly dressed outside?

Office staff, teachers, and other support staff are armed with arsenals of snacks because parents are too busy to make sure their kids eat breakfast before they come to school or fail to send a snack for snacktime. Explain to me how a kid is supposed to be able to concentrate on his math work when he is starving?

But what is most appalling, most concerning, most shameful is the behavior, the disrespect these kids aim at the adults who are doing nothing more than trying to help prepare them for an uncertain future. I would NEVER have had the stones to sass my teacher, walk out of my classroom when I got good and ready, play around in the bathroom, deface school property, run through the hallways, or slack on my schoolwork because Steve and/or Brenda Smith would have smoked my behind when they found out. Mind you, there are children there with documented behavioral issues. I am not referring to them. Who I am referring to are the kids who obviously do not face consequences for bad behavior when they are at home. Those are the kids who pout, throw tantrums, and back talk their teacher when they are admonished for disrupting the class by talking out of turn.

I am referring to the perfect princes and princesses whose Mommy and Daddy love them so much they can’t bear to tell them “No”, who have done their child an ASTRONOMICAL disservice by ingraining in their brain that the world revolves around them, setting them up for a majorly rude awakening when they get older and figure out that, no, in college you CANNOT turn assignments in whenever you want and get mad when you don’t get full credit; that in college and beyond a due date is FIXED and not your decision; and when you get a job, you depending on what that job is, you will NOT get to just come and go as you please.

I am referring to the children who are used to being parked in front of the television or on the couch or their bedroom unsupervised with a phone or tablet to watch videos or play games to their little hearts’ desire and now cannot focus on their classwork for two seconds without getting distracted because they are used to constant visual stimulation.

I am referring to those parents who obviously don’t know a thing about their kid because when they receive a report of bad behavior from the teacher, they will back up their child, thus reinforcing not only the bad behavior but undermining the teacher.

I have to ask…



WHY are you setting your kids up to FAIL? Do you think the best way to show your kids love is to spoil them enough to where they believe the world will slant according to their wants and whims? Why are you not teaching them to respect authority? Why aren’t you teaching them to keep their hands to themselves? Do you seriously allow your kid to mouth off to adults, and if so… why? Why aren’t you modeling appropriate behavior? Why aren’t you telling them it is unacceptable for them to disrespect their teachers? Why are you not teaching them to be kind? Why aren’t you setting high expectations for your kids, and implementing appropriate consequences for bad behavior or low academic achievement? Why aren’t you making sure your kids are clothed and FED???? Whose responsibility do you think that is???? If you need help why don’t you swallow your pride for the sake of your children and ASK FOR IT?? Do you really think teachers enjoy having to call you in the middle of your work day to tell you your kid is being disruptive? If that’s what you think, you obviously haven’t taken ANY time to get to know your child’s teacher…FAIL.

Why should I put so much effort into teaching MY kids to be kind if you’re cool with yours being total jerks?

If you’re this lax with your kids’ bad behavior and poor academics NOW, what do you expect they will be like in five years? Ten? Do you care? Or do you plan to take care of them for the rest of whatever life you have left? If so… MAJOR FAIL. My primary responsibility as a parent is to make sure that my kids will be able to launch into adulthood because I might not be here as long as I think!

My solution is this.

It pains me to see the kids in the classes who want to learn, whose education is impeded by the ones who treat school like a social club. It pains me to see teachers, who spend so much time preparing lessons only to only make it through fifteen minutes worth of material because of the disruptions, looking exhausted halfway through the school day.  So here is my proposal.

If you’re going to be a crappy parent, homeschool your kid.

Don’t make everybody suffer because you suck at parenting.

That may have come off strong, and so be it. It needed to be said. Spare the rod, spoil the child. God help us.


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