You were elected without even campaigning!



As I believe I have said before, I had a hard time determining a career path because I wanted to do..everything. I wanted to be a teacher, then a doctor, then a nurse, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a nursing home administrator, a hospice program administrator… Good Lord.

All of my many career interests have one thing in common. I definitely wanted a job that involved helping people. Politics, although less direct a helping field than those listed above, could apply if politicians acted accordingly. They have the opportunity to develop and enact policies that could help tons of people. As I get older and see the inequality in America and the corruption and partisanship that unfortunately defines American politics, I often wonder if I could have possibly gone into politics myself and served people and my country as a whole in that manner.

Not only is the current state of American politics problematic, the concept behind even getting elected here is an issue. Why? Because campaigning requires money. The more money a candidate has access to, the more television, print and radio ads they can air. Billboards cost money. Fliers, signs, buttons, etc cost money. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a campaign and losing. Some of us just can’t make that type of investment but could be completely qualified and ETHICAL.

All thanks to God the Father for electing me to an even higher, more important status, one that required no money, campaigning, or winning over a divided electorate. In the Bible we find that there are people that God CHOSE, or elected, to be saved, even before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). God knew that some of us would, in our free will, choose to accept His Son–this is referred to the foreknowledge view of election. And just like an elected politician, what should those of us who are chosen by God to be saved to do? Serve and help God’s people. As often as we can.

Before I conclude for the night–all of my kids are asleep and I am enjoying the quiet, but I need to sleep while I can–I do ask that any of you that read this and are so compelled to do so to commit to praying DAILY for our children. Every day without fail I ask that God cover our kids, be a protective fence around them, while they are at school. I pray for a year completely free of school shootings and ask you to join me.



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