A Living Testimony

Not going to church in months was a major mistake.

Sure, I might have had a decent excuse. The physical ills that accompanied my pregnancy made mornings extremely difficult. The discomfort that came from sitting on those church pews was definitely not just a figment of my imagination. But what happened spiritually was even worse and my recovery from the loss of prayer, worship and fellowship will take longer than it will to heal from pregnancy and childbirth.

Hard lesson learned, but one I am happy to pass on to you. Now I feel guilty and need to spend time in prayer because I know if I’d had a job I would have gone regardless of how bad I felt, because I wanted to reap the financial rewards. Yet I forsook spiritual rewards-love, peace, fellowship, joy, acceptance-to stay in bed with my heating pad and phone. And now as my life has entered into a state of upheaval I realize that is why. I let my connection to God crumble.

In the meantime God has continued to do right by me. My baby is growing well, as are my other children. Despite economic uncertainty in the area, my husband has had the opportunity to not only work regular hours but overtime as well. And I am very happy to report that reviews of Abusing His Grace continue to come in, and they are good, despite some printing errors and typos that I need to fix. Among the reviews was this one:


That is what I wanted with this book. For someone to read it and enjoy it. Mission accomplished. I am thankful to God for the gift. I owe God a debt that I cannot repay, so all I can do is thank God for Jesus and resolve to do better.


2 thoughts on “A Living Testimony

  1. Congrats! I fell asleep in the car one Sunday when I went back to look for a shoe for one of the kids. That’s when I knew my pregnancy required a little more out of me than I was making room for. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I’m super excited about your book progress! Thanks for sharing!

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