Make America Great Again…

By minding your own BUSINESS.


The hostility in America is absolutely exhausting. It’s like people are just looking for reasons to be mad at other people, typically people who don’t look like them, love like them or worship like them. Until recently I had no idea there were so many ignorant, simple-minded, downright hateful people in this country.

Over the last several weeks, White people have been calling the police on Black folks whose only crime was attempting to live their best life: A contractor working inside a home he’d just purchased; a group of Black people barbecuing at a park; multiple incidences of Black people being harassed at pools they had every right to swim in; entering their own homes or businesses; falling asleep in the common areas of their living spaces; need I go on??? What’s messed up is that I can go on. The list grows EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there is an increased chance of escalation in a police incident if it involves people of color. No, racism deniers, I am not making that up, and you know it. And no, an escalation is not always the consequence of a citizen not complying, and even if a citizen does not comply, at no point in time does that mean cops have the right to kill an unarmed citizen. Have you never watched Cops? People got belligerent with 5-0 all the time and they NEVER got shot, beat or tazed. What changed?

At the end of the day, when I see an incident of the police being called because one of us wanted to use a coupon or wanted to speak to a manager because he was overcharged at the Waffle House I get mad because it could be me. These are ALL things I do regularly without even considering the possibility that they could end up in a police encounter. And you know what’s funny about being a Black person?? No one ever taught me to be wary of police. We just know from early on that we’re not looked at as equals in the eyes of the law or most other measures here in America.

I could talk all day about how the hateful tone in America is being exacerbated by the divisive so-called leader of our nation, but I’ll save that. Why? Because he is who he is. He won’t change. But America can.

For those people who want to call the cops on Black people (or people of color in general) because you’re uncomfortable with us… Umm that’s not our fault nor is it our problem to deal with. You don’t have the right to feed us into a potentially deadly encounter because you’re nervous or offended. I worked retail for years and had all kinds of White people disrespect me… Never thought to call anybody but my manager and that was only because I didn’t want to say something too inappropriate and lose my job. Here’s a pro-tip… Maybe when you’re considering calling the cops on a Black person for breathing, first ask yourself if it’s your business in the first place, and then picture said person of color as White and ask yourself if you still feel the need to get the law involved. Chances are once you Whitewash the little Black girl selling lemonade or the little Black boy playing with a toy gun you’ll respond differently.

And if you do… You have a problem. You. Not us, you.

For the record, the same goes for these other ridiculous instances of people making someone else’s business their own… The pharmacist who refused to give the woman who had MISCARRIED her baby the meds needed to put her in labor so she could expel the dead fetus… The people mad about the Muslim women, who are well within their rights to worship whomever they want whether you agree or not, wearing hijab… The ones who want to celebrate the baker not making a cake for a gay couple but then want to get mad when the tables are turned… Do you realize you are ruining your credibility and that of other Christians? Do you realize you are ruining your chance to make disciples? And even if they don’t believe what you do, why would you set yourself up to miss out on the beauty of diversity???? Variety is the spice of life!

What kind of America do you really want? Why is it so difficult for people to look beyond the surface?

I feel sorry for those types. My life has been nothing but enhanced by all of the many different people that are in it.

Rant over I guess. I’ll have a more focused post on Sunday.


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