I am what I do, I do what I am

I am a spit-up cloth, a diaper-changer, a booger-wiper, a cook, a counselor, a rock’n’play, a toy finder, an organizer, a hairstylist, a teacher, a confidante, a builder of self-confidence, a Sunday school teacher, a bed to a fussy infant and jealous toddler, a dishwasher, a clothes launderer, a referee, a coach, a walking day […]

Oh, for shame…

How about changing that phrase to “Oh, forĀ forgiveness?” It has been almost twenty years since I have been out of high school, and ten since I obtained my undergraduate degree. In a very short period of time in my late teens and early twenties, while I explored freedom with which I was wholly unacquainted, tried […]

A Living Testimony

Not going to church in months was a major mistake. Sure, I might have had a decent excuse. The physical ills that accompanied my pregnancy made mornings extremely difficult. The discomfort that came from sitting on those church pews was definitely not just a figment of my imagination. But what happened spiritually was even worse […]

Missed the mark already!

So my goal was to start writing each Sunday beginning… Yesterday. Obviously I already missed the mark. I figured after both my babygirls fell asleep I would be able to give my blog my undivided attention. However, neither of them respected my plan šŸ˜Š Up until half an hour ago, I was nursing Soleil while […]

Make America Great Again…

By minding your own BUSINESS. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT? The hostility in America is absolutely exhausting. It’s like people are just looking for reasons to be mad at other people, typically people who don’t look like them, love like them or worship like them. Until recently I had no idea there were so […]