Reject AND CORRECT Christian propaganda

When we hear the word “propaganda” we often think of political information.  We probably also think of the word in a negative light, as we know that opposing political factions produce and promote propaganda to advance their own causes and beliefs at the expense of others. We also know that propaganda tends to contain exaggerations, omissions and outright falsehoods. It is obvious that there is a significant number of Americans who cannot tell the difference between political propaganda and actual facts. Whose responsibility is it to make the truth known? Those of us who can think critically enough to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. The same goes for Christians.

In previous posts I have railed against the very notion and conduct of “evangelicals”. However, they are not the only ones who are responsible for the Christian propaganda floating around and accepted as actual doctrine today. Those of us who are Christians who don’t take an active role in refuting Christian propaganda are equally as guilty.

I’m not referring to what may just be misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the Scriptures. I mean willfully twisting basic Bible doctrine. I have found that an alarming number of people truly believe that drinking, gambling, committing sexual sins (and I don’t know if the evangelicals understand that premarital sex is considered a sin, and I’m sure most of them do it), doing drugs or the like immediately destroys a person’s chances of going to heaven. They are presented with this image of a wrathful God who is sitting up on a cloud just waiting on people to sin so he can send down his judgment. What is not widely circulated is that Jesus Christ is available to everyone no matter what they have done; that we are never expected to be perfect while we are on earth; and the gift of salvation is available to everyone DESPITE drinking, gambling, sexual sins, etc.  How often have you told someone that the only truly unforgivable sin that gets one a one-way ticket to Hell is denying Christ?

In my humble opinion, Christianity was never supposed to be divisive. It was always supposed to unite us around the Cross, but Christian propagandists looking to elevate themselves at the expense of others have damaged the potential unity. Christians are never supposed to be so quick to point fingers and condemn. Whenever I befriend someone, I am focusing on the good, and thinking of how God could use that. If that person is a saved person, it is left up to God to deal with that person however he sees fit, not me. Why would I focus on someone else’s sins when I have my own to contend with?

When people are confronted with the idea that they have to be perfect, of course they’re not going to be interested, because perfection is impossible. No one wants to deal with that type of pressure and ultimate defeat. We have to do better. Yes, God has rules on how we are to live, and he has them for a reason… Obviously he wants us to refrain from drinking and drugs for health reasons, for example. But is he going to send down a lightning bolt as soon as you have a sip of wine? No. Stop telling people that. Tell them what thus says the Lord, yes, but not in an attempt to condemn them. Make sure to repent of your own sins and flipping PRAY for people. I can’t believe how many hateful Christians I have the displeasure of coming into contact with. Every day I am given a visual aid as to why the world doesn’t like us. SMH.

christian hypocrisy meme 3


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