Babies have trials too…

breastfeed teething baby


Apparently, Jayla is in the process of cutting some more teeth. I kind of figured that was the problem, because the last few nights she’s been sleeping terribly–waking up every hour or two–and she’s been biting everything, including my nipples (I know, TMI, but this is my life and my blog 🙂 Today, she unveiled the fullness of her teething wrath. She was fussy, clingy, and bitey. In a futile attempt to relieve my sore nipples, I tried to give her a bottle several times today–she wasn’t having it. My husband tried as well and I left the room. Earlier on when we first tried to introduce her to the bottle, she wouldn’t take it if I was nearby because she preferred my chesticles. She still refused it. She ate some solid foods, but almost choked on a bit of pancake, and that scared me so much I just gave in and nursed her.

And what do my older kids do? Out of thin air, Layla showed me a huge burn blister on the pointer finger of her left hand. I asked, “How in the world did you get that???” She told me that she had touched something hot while she was at Gramma’s (my mom’s) house, but her explanation left me with even more questions. She claimed that she was in Granddad’s room and the dresser was hot. There is nothing in my Dad’s old room that should have been hot enough to burn her like that. I called Mom so she could investigate the matter, and she was just as confused as I. The problem is, sometimes my kids make things up to hide even worse things that they have done (I have no problem admitting that sometimes my kids are liars. It drives me nuts). So I’m not truly convinced that she didn’t get that burn blister from doing something she had no business doing. Either way it goes, I had that to deal with, and my son was just aggravating everyone for no reason: Being noisy and making stupid obnoxious sounds for no reason, including once when I almost had Jayla asleep; dropping things or bouncing balls off the walls, which I HATE; teasing Layla without provocation. I don’t know WHAT his issue was today, but it resulted in him being banished to his room for awhile.

Before anyone says I should only send my son to his room for discipline, I think it’s better I send him to his room than explode. Don’t you?

By late afternoon I still hadn’t had the chance to put a single piece of food in my mouth. Even worse, I hadn’t had a DROP of coffee. I was ready to put all three of them out on the curb and attach a “FREE” sign to them.

I prayed for strength when I felt that my temper was reaching its tether, and here we are– it’s ten-thirty at night and Jayla is sleeping peacefully. Having slept fitfully the night before and only taken one recuperative nap today, she was exhausted. I rubbed her gums with teething gel, played lullabies for her, and rocked her. While I was holding her and rocking her, she was staring at me; her eyes almost looked apologetic. I told her, “it’s okay for you to have a bad day. Mommy still loves you.”

And she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

I’m not going to discount her pain and discomfort from teething just because she is a baby. I’m not going to pretend that this whole “growing up” thing is easy. Of course I have no idea how a baby’s mind works, but we all know that there are tons of processes going on in that developing brain and body. She might want to be able to verbalize to me how she was feeling, but since she couldn’t, she did all that she knew how to do–fuss about her pain and cling to the person that provided her with comfort–me.

With that being said, if anyone wakes her up, they get to deal with her. LOL!



2 thoughts on “Babies have trials too…

    • LOL, yes they sure can… One minute I’m about to rip my hair out and then in the next one will give me a hug or kiss and wouldn’t you know it, I melt every time… Thank you for reading and responding!

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