I’m already wondering when school starts.

It’s terrible, I know.

As were most parents, I was excited when Jayden went back to school in September. Around February, however, my mood was changing just a tad. I was tired of packing lunches, ironing uniform clothing, keeping track of permission slips, gym shoes, school shoes, textbooks, which medications needed refills,  and being a living schedule book that was expected to remember each project due date, each assignment, each special assembly, lunch balances (my son drank a carton of milk each day and it wasn’t free, so we had to remember to put money on his account for that), etc.

Jayden has only been out of school since the 16th and my patience ran short with him and his little sister today and I am pretty sure it will be a pattern I will deal with over the summer. I even actually checked the school calendar to see when the next semester starts so I could begin my countdown. It’s awful, I know. But if they could get along the entire time they were together, I wouldn’t be having these second thoughts.

My older sister’s birthday is today, and while I listened discreetly as my two older kids bickered about something absolutely ridiculous, I had to appreciate the fact that she and I never argued about anything as kids. Never. My kids have their own rooms, while my sister and I shared a room until I was ten and she was fifteen, so for the life of me I don’t understand why, when they get tired of each other, won’t they SEPARATE from each other and go to their rooms and chill out for a minute! No, instead, they stay in the living room or whoever’s bedroom they are in and make little dumb comments to each other. As I mentioned, on several occasions I’ve listened in “discreetly”. Why? Because they like to lie on each other. When I go investigate the cause of an argument, unbeknownst to them I already know who did what and who said what. I just wait to hear it, and wouldn’t you know it, they lie on each other a good 90% of the time. So in addition to their stupid arguments over stupid stuff, I get lied to about it as well. Usually they both end up in trouble.

Speaking of birthdays, my sweet baby is ONE now! Her first birthday was yesterday, and I don’t think she could have cared less. The night before, Jayden and I worked feverishly to put together several desserts (my husband’s idea. Of course he comes up with the idea and doesn’t have to put in any of the work)–a Snickers cheesecake cake, a strawberry cheesecake cake, and an Oreo Surprise. The day of her birthday she woke up in a bad mood, having teething pain, and was in a pretty bad mood most of the day. Even with her party guests, she was in full diva mode, howling when just about anyone looked like they might want to even speak to her. It was pretty hilarious.

The most action we got out of her was when it was cupcake time. She dove into her cupcake and came back with two fistfuls of yum and wasted no time shoving them in her mouth. We were prepared for such a mess, so after the cupcake she changed into her second outfit of the day. While we were opening her gifts, I attempted to read her birthday cards as she sat on my lap. She was not interested nor impressed. She snatched each card out of my hand and flung it across the room. Now, the actual gifts themselves, she was happy with those, but the cards… what does a 1-year-old care about cards, you know?

Exhausted, the Birthday Diva fell asleep before the party was even properly over, and stayed asleep while the rest of us went to Layla’s t-ball game. She was late starting, and is just getting the hang of it, but what I like about her and her other little teammates, all of whom are around her age (5) is their willingness to learn and give it a go. When they make mistakes, they recover quickly. They listen to their coaches. They hustle. My son’s team, on the other hand (he plays baseball–it’s his first time ever playing on a team since we just really got his asthma under control) sometimes swing the bat like they don’t expect it to connect and run bases like they really don’t care if they make it there or not. I jokingly said perhaps they should practice with Layla’s team LOL.

I guess my patience with my older two monsters is short too because I am tired and in a ton of pain. I took a pretty decent fall this morning, and much to my chagrin, my husband heard it, came into the room and had to pick me up off the floor. But yet, nothing is wrong according to the doctors… Go figure. Regardless of what they (or should I say their tests) say, there is no way in the world I should be in this much pain every day at the age of 35.

I’m sure it’ll get better as we start doing more things to actually enjoy the summer. We do have things we intend on doing. Picnics, museums,  water parks, splash pads, etc. This week is our rest and relaxation week, and hopefully next week we’ll be doing more to get out of the house. Maybe then they won’t get on my nerves as much.



(Never mind the lighter on the floor–we used it to light her little candle).

Isn’t she cute 🙂


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