The Forgotten Joys of Coloring

During one of our last trips to Family Christian Stores, I spotted a collection of adult coloring books for half off and picked one up.

I just got around to opening it and spent about half an hour on my first picture. It was highly cathartic.


I thought about how much I used to love coloring as a child and why. I have never been a skilled artist, but one does not have to be in order to color a great picture. I always got such a great feeling of accomplishment after proudly presenting my masterpiece to my parents. And more than simply the satisfaction of a finished piece was the calm and focus that I felt during the process.

It was a highly effective way to tune out the world. Just as when I was a little girl sitting on my knees in one of those brown chairs at the kitchen table at my childhood in Ann Arbor, humming happily as I colored a picture while Mom cooked dinner and Dad napped, I found myself humming as I colored. The humming turned into a conversation with God. I felt like I released a lot of negative energy during the time.

Sometimes adults need to return to that carefree innocence we had as kids, when we were able to achieve joy from simple things. Adulting is hard, and being aware of this wicked world makes it harder. Every now and then we need to shed our adult skin. Go pick those dandelions. Go fly that kite. Go spend several hours at that arcade. God was pleased when He gave us this life; certainly He wants us to enjoy it. Don’t let the business of adulting harden you.

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