Because of this day, we have hope.

I fought the urge to respond to several memes floating around Facebook disparaging Easter Sunday. As usual, the memes were rife with misinformation. It confuses me as to how people who claim to be so educated don’t even bother to research their stupid memes before they post. Instead of responding to their garbage, because I have had such a good weekend, I posted correct information on my page that the misinformed, if they so choose, which they probably won’t, can read and digest at their leisure.

The first meme was embarrassingly stupid.



As I perused the comments associated with this image, it became painfully clear that people do not understand that Easter is a celebration of the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Apparently, they believe Easter is a prediction of when Jesus will come back.

The second one included some historical information that was a bit easier for me to understand in terms of HOW it came about.


Actually, the meme itself isn’t inaccurate if we accept some of the evidence that has been publicized, but the comments were.

There are some Christians who believe that Easter is a pagan holiday that we should not celebrate. In a way, they are correct. We know that there is no mention of an Easter celebration in the Bible. I became interested in how this celebration came about, and how it ended up including bunnies and eggs. Basically, the combination of multiple pagan traditions resulted in what we call Easter today.

Ishtar was a goddess in ancient Mesopotamia associated with war, fertility and sex. Ishtar worship involved temple prostitution and animal sacrifice. It is thought that the early Catholic Church, in its attempt to Christianize hesitant converts, incorporated some aspects of pagan religious practices into their own. Their evidence is given in the fact that there is no scriptural basis for things such as Lent, for example. It is thought that the bunny and eggs were also incorporated from other cultures, since rabbits and eggs can be thought to symbolize fertility and new life (we all know how rabbits get it on). Other cultures don’t have a bunny. Some have foxes or birds. Apparently the bunny and eggs were brought here to America by Germans. There is also a subset that says eggs represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb.


The fact that “Easter” is not spelled out in the Bible and has pagan origins and influences does not change the fact that Jesus lived, suffered a horrible death for OUR sins, died on the cross and ROSE AGAIN. So the reason behind the celebration is absolutely valid.

he is risen

That’s why I rarely make comments on things before I’ve done my research. I take pride in not letting my biases make me look like a fool.

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter Sunday. And remember that we don’t have to wait until next Easter to celebrate His resurrection. We can thank our Heavenly Father each and every day for sending His Son to die for us, so that we might have hope… Hope in life, that if things don’t go the way we have planned, that God has something better in store for us, and hope in death–since we know we all leave that way, there is no need to be afraid of what is essentially simply us moving from this temporary, stressful, painful life with these decrepit bodies and their diminishing physical functioning (or maybe that’s just me LOL) to beautiful, peaceful, joyful eternity with Jesus.


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