One must be in a constant state of misery…

To be filled with so much hate.

I cannot imagine how it must feel to wake up every day and have my sole purpose in life to be to cause strife to someone else. I cannot imagine how mentally exhausting and time consuming it is to keep seeking out propaganda to fuel my hatred. Because that has to be what these people do–instead of educating ourselves about those we hate with face-to-face encounters, we instead search for resources and information that reinforce our beliefs. It is like many of the people I interface with on FaceBook, whose facts tend to come from right-leaning websites such as Breitbart. I too have perused Breitbart and when I came across articles that were flat-out trash, I pointed those out to the Breitbart subscribers, and their replies have been that every news source has a slant or bias. Number one, that is untrue, and number two, if you know for a fact that a news source that you frequent has a slant, why do you take everything on it as Gospel truth?

I guess it is baffling because I do not have the ability to hate within me. If I were going to hate anybody, I am sure it would be the dirtbag who raped me. But you know what I feel toward him? Pity. I pity him because mentally healthy people do not victimize other people. There is something terribly wrong with him. Yes, he temporarily ruined my life, and yes, it is still something that I occasionally struggle with–mainly the “what ifs”. But even right after it happened, I didn’t hate him. I hated myself first, but then I dealt with that.

What I cannot understand is pure unadulterated hatred toward an ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE. Every race of people has its bad apples; each religion, even Christianity, has its extremists.But in each case, the vast majority of the people are decent folks. I unfortunately encounter a lot of individuals who, despite their claims to the contrary, are highly racist against Black people. The 2010 United States Census recorded almost 38 million Black people. If we want to expand that number to include Black people living in other countries, we’re into the billions. So can one honestly say that they know for a fact, 100% without a doubt, that BILLIONS of people are lazy, mooching criminals? In 2015, it was estimated that there were 3.3 million Muslims living in the USA. If they ALL were terrorists, don’t you think America would have been completely ablaze by now?

I obviously do not agree with Islam’s beliefs but I know that God has elected SOME, and those who are not elected were given a free will with which they are allowed to choose their own destiny. Of course I would hope for everyone to choose salvation through Jesus Christ, but my job is not to twist their arms, threaten them, or try to force the to do so under duress. Because if that is the case, is it truly received? No. The Bible commands the children of God to love thy neighbor. It doesn’t come with conditions.

With that being said, the attack in London bothered me, as do all the attacks. I am soooo sick of senseless violence. I do not understand how a person can do harm to someone they’ve never even met. How do you even work up that much anger?????????????

I say it to my kids in Sunday school ALL THE TIME. One cannot have the love of God within him and hatred at the same time. Those two extremes cannot coexist.

lost by praying









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