Pride got Lucifer in trouble…

I have taken a class before about angels, and it never ceases to amaze me that Lucifer actually thought that he could rise up against the very individual who created him to become greater than that individual. It baffles me as to how he fails to consider that although 1/3 of the heavenly host fell with him, there are still two-thirds of the angels that are still loyal to God.

Lucifer fascinates me. Once the most beautiful of angels, he enjoyed a privileged position as a cherubim before pride caused him to fall and become who we now refer to as Satan or the devil. One of the things my instructor accurately pointed out is that Satan doesn’t have to enter into people to make them do wrong things. He can set the scene and people’s innate characteristics will take over if they are not rooted and grounded in the Lord. Satan can then sit back and watch the mess he has made unfold, to his delight.

I am seeing such a situation unfold. It is disturbing these days how people become so prideful that it blinds their ability to see their own wrongdoing. It is a rare occasion now that someone admits they have erred and seeks out forgiveness. People are always on the defense, and it comes at the extent of maintaining healthy relationships.

I see people who fail to consider the concerns and feelings of others, and the lack of empathy is disconcerting. I see this division among some of my family members, and it is disheartening. I think of being married. Yes, I am a blunt Sagittarius and in the past, at my most immature, I would say the first rude thing that came to my mind with no regard to the consequences or possible hurt feelings my words would cause. In my humble opinion, I was right, and I was entitled to my opinion even if I wasn’t completely right. Either way it went, right or wrong, no one had the right to argue with me. I invalidated a lot of people’s feelings, and it was an awful thing to do.

Mind you, I never did so to family, or even to close friends. Most of the time I was harsh to guys I was seeing. I wanted them to know they weren’t going to get away with hurting me. While I was trying to so hard to protect my feelings, I am sure I pushed guys away. Not that it matters now–it is just a lesson learned.

I’m almost five years into marriage, and have been with Matt over a decade. I have learned to pick my battles. Preserving the unity and harmony in our relationship and household is more important than my pride. While my marriage is my most important relationship obviously, this principle extends to everyone I care about. I can be the bigger person and put my pride on a shelf if I need to because now I can see the bigger picture. Even if someone is difficult, my peace might be what it takes to get them to see the error in their ways. You cannot combat strife with more strife.

But yet, here are family members who can never admit when they are wrong and seem to care nothing at all about having said things that have hurt people’s feelings. These same people claim to know Christ. I find that hard to believe. Or, I say, you might know OF Him, but obviously your relationship with Him is lacking, because you cannot know Christ and be content to sow seeds of discord, especially with your family.


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