How can a Christian be a Democrat?

God is good!

For the past few days I have experienced a marked decrease in the symptoms of The Mystery Illness, enough to where I have been able to get out of the house and make something of myself. It has been an interesting weekend weather-wise… but that is Michigan for you. On Friday it was a perfect 74 degrees with clear skies, allowing me and my kids and niece to spend some time outdoors. We ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and stayed outside at Mom’s house for awhile, playing basketball. Yes, I played BASKETBALL! Nothing formal, seeing as though there wasn’t a court or hoops or anything, but it was fun to kid around with my husband and the little ones. And it was even better not to feel like garbage afterward.

I pushed myself again on Saturday and then kind of paid for it on Sunday. I was all too pleased to get back into the house of the Lord, and had an enjoyable time in Sunday school. I started feeling a bit crappy during Sunday school and had a full-on wind-down as I like to call it during services.  I probably should have left but my kids were singing and I wasn’t about to miss it. I kind of crashed a bit after service was over. But at least I made it through the entire thing.


It has also been interesting, and not in a positive way, to see the changes going on in America since the election. Actually, I do not think “changes” is the correct word. America has always been racist. It was built on racism. From the days when Europeans decided the Native Americans were so insignificant as to push them off their land, even to the point of wiping out entire tribes, and then decided Africans were so inferior that they could be caught like animals and forced into servitude, there has been racism. What has obviously been happening is that it was, at one point, less politically correct to be so out and about in terms of expressing one’s racism. After energizing the most divisive presidential campaign in history, racist Trump supporters have let those of us know exactly what they mean by the slogan “Make America Great Again.” Admit it. America was great for you when minorities knew their place and were happy to simply accept your privilege and keep our mouths shut. Now we’re demanding equal rights and some of you don’t like it. KEY WORD IS SOME.

That is not to say that Clinton supporters have wholly clean hands. No, there have been some who have been causing trouble. But what I have seen from those who are behind Trump is that they have identified with him because they are afraid that their privileged status is going to the wayside. In the year 2020 the racial makeup of America will change and White males will no longer be the numerical majority, although they still wield great economic and social power. Biased media has added to the dumbing down of America to where people can be presented with facts but would prefer to accept rhetoric. I have engaged with several individuals over the past few weeks and been positively baffled by their refusal to be educated beyond their stereotypes about minorities, all the while they are conversing with one who defies said stereotypes..

What enrages me the most is how so-called Christians are blowing bad breath on Jesus. You cannot tell me that (if you’re truly a Christian, and I question these people, but the Bible tells me I cannot judge and only GOD truly knows whether one has accepted his Son or not) you can read and DIGEST the words of the Bible and still be hateful. I fully expect other Christians to respectfully tell me when I am out of alignment with Christ, as we have the power to either attract people to or repel them from the faith. With that being said, when I see someone that fully claims Christianity act so disgustingly, I get personally offended and call them out on it. Hypocrisy is keeping people out of the kingdom of heaven.

In some instances, my beliefs mirror what would typically be on the Republican side. I do not approve of abortion, but I understand that there are circumstances where a woman would have to make an excruciating medical decision to have one. I feel that an abortion is abhorrent and I pray I never get into a situation where my life depended on the possibility of sacrificing my unborn baby. But who am I to say that I would go through with a pregnancy that might kill me or one where my baby is guaranteed not to survive? As I mentioned before, I am a rape survivor, and I faced the possibility of being pregnant with my assailant’s child. I would not have terminated that pregnancy, but that decision is my own. I guess I feel that as awful a procedure it is, we have to understand that there are reasons for it, and even if it is completely outlawed women will still have them. Women need to feel safe coming to their doctors for guidance. The rate of abortion has declined steadily since 1980. How do we keep it going down? Easy access to birth control, sex education in schools, and making sure families can support children. Republicans consistently block possible legislation ensuring these things. I am not interested in the hypocrisy of caring about the fetus but not the baby. Abortion measures for them are more about controlling women than a moral choice in my opinion.

Christians have to remember that each person will be held accountable for God for their life choices. In the meantime we need to be doing everything we can to get more people to turn to Christ. But we also have to remember, per our Bible teachings, that not everyone is going to accept the Gospel. That doesn’t give us the right to hate them. Christian means “Christ-like”. Our Christ did not have hate in Him. There is simply no place for it in the Christian life.

Yet I have seen so-called Christians post hateful and incorrect memes about how, now that Trump is president, lazy people will have to work for their benefits (I kindly informed them that the vast majority of people collecting benefits, save for the disabled, elderly and children, DO have jobs that simply do not pay them enough, and that their disdain should be for multi-million dollar corporations that pay their workers peanuts). So-called Christians are applauding instances of Muslim and Latina women being harassed and told, despite being legal Americans, they will be deported. I cannot keep track of all of the videos I have seen of White Americans slinging racial slurs and threats at a member of a minority group. Yet we are supposed to unite behind Trump as president? I think not.

It has nothing to do with the fact that he ran on a Republican platform. The Democrats lean too far to the left for me sometimes. I do not think either party is correct on all the issues. If they would actually work together on behalf of the people they have been elected to represent, we might actually make substantial progress. But in the meantime, I cannot support the Republican party as it stands, nor can I support a President who has been proven to discriminate against people that look like me, who thinks stop and frisk is an acceptable form of law enforcement, and who believes that it’s okay to grab women by their genitals. As a Black female sexual assault survivor, there is too much about Donald Trump that is abhorrent for me to get behind, especially seeing as unrepentant he appears to be. I would not have been so upset had John McCain or Mitt Romney won the presidency, because although I disagreed with some of their policies (and agreed with others, for the record), I did not think either of those guys were fundamentally flawed or dangerous. Trump is, and that is why people are upset. And his flaws are echoed within some of those who have supported him. Trump has become their megaphone.

People have been ridiculing Black people for continually supporting a Democratic party that allegedly has done nothing for us. Yep, Black people historically supported the Republican party, until they flipped the script and we left the party in droves. In most elections, we are forced to vote using the “lesser of two evils” ideology. You would be hard pressed to find a Black person who truly believes that politicians have our best interests in mind. A lot of us believe that the government is too corrupt to act totally on our behalf, so we will accept legislation with positive effects that will eventually get to us-programs that will stimulate the entire economy. Name one that the Republican party has supported. It has been shown that the economy generally does better under Democratic presidents. When all of America is doing well, we benefit from that.

Let me make it plain…

I cannot get behind the current Republican party because of their hypocrisy, although I am not totally comfortable with the far-left leaning Democratic party.


I cannot get behind Donald Trump because of his historical racism and misogyny and current divisiveness, including, but not limited to, appointing well-known racists to his cabinet.

jeff sessions and trump.png

And I am truly disappointed with so-called Christians who are okay with the concept of other humans going hungry as opposed to contributing $36 a year to supporting social programs (WWJD?); disobeying Biblical principles on how we care for our poor and vulnerable populations (why would anyone ever want to reduce Social Security benefits or Medicare or Medicaid???); and terrorizing individuals that belong to minority groups on Saturday and then going to praise Jesus on Sunday.


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