He is with the Lord…

I saw Dad walking, dressed in his suit. He looked healthy like he used to, big and strong. His skin was glowing. He was walking by himself down a long dirt road toward a big bright light that looked like the sun. He never looked back. He knew to follow that road. It is like someone was telling him that he was on the right path. When he reached the light someone i could not see reached his arms out to Dad. Dad was smiling and happy. Then he wasn’t wearing the suit anymore. He was wearing a spotless, wrinkle free white robe.

I thank God for showing me that my Dad is okay.

Although my grief is still raw, and I’ll always miss him, I am happy that his suffering days are over.

I’ll bet he has made friends with everybody, given everyone a nickname, and is cracking Jesus up with his jokes as I type.

I don’t know if Dad has the ability to look down here and see us or not. I would like to think that God offers our loved ones opportunities to see us. I hope Dad was able to hear us speak so lovingly about him at his funeral. I hope he saw how hard we worked on his service to honor him. I hope he sees that we are doing everything we can to support each other and our mom especially. I wonder if he sees me when I cry at night and sometimes during the day.

I guess I’ll only find out when I get to where he is.

I was spoiled by my Dad. I had everything I needed and most of the things I wanted. But the greatest thing Dad ever did for me was to take me to New Testament Missionary Baptist Church so that I could be saved…and spend eternity in heaven with Jesus…and Dad too.

This life here is short. Dad’s was only 58 years. I don’t know if I’ll live even that long. So although I am hurting, there is still work to be done for the Lord. People are perishing everyday.


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