Ignorance astounds me.

There is far too much information available for someone to sit on television and make so many dumb comments. I have never been a fan of Elisabeth Hasselbeck but there are a couple of things she has said in the last few months that have really infuriated me. First, she suggested, out of nowhere, that perhaps Sandra Bland could have flicked her lit cigarette at the officer who had pulled her over, Trooper Brian Encinia, which in her mind would have made everything that happened from then on completely justifiable. This considering the fact that in his own statements and report Encinia said NOTHING of the sort. Hasselbeck just decided to pull that supposition out of her behind, which is apparently from which she pulls a lot of her information.

Unfortunately supported by some self-hating Black dude named Kevin Jackson (I hope he is getting paid very well for what he is doing to himself), Elisabeth Hasselbeck questioned why the Black Lives Matter movement hasn’t been labeled a hate group.

Probably because it’s not???

Has she not noticed that this same group has called attention to the deaths that had not had much publicity of several non-Black victims of police violence?

While we are getting gunned down by the police that are supposed to protect and serve the citizenry, are we supposed to just roll over and fuggidabout it?

I do not condone any random acts of violence against ANYONE. At all. Someone guns down a cop, I am not for it. A cop kills a citizen (unless the force was necessary, and in a lot of the instances we have seen recently, it has NOT been), I am not for it. A Black person kills another Black person, I am disturbed. A White person kills a White person, I am disturbed. And on, and on, and on.

Black people have work to do in our communities. We definitely have issues related to poverty, first and foremost, that need solutions. I don’t believe government intervention is the way. We do need to get back to the spirit of the days of old, when our ancestors assembled peacefully and got things done. We are too separate. There is no unity. We were stronger when we stood together, raised our children together, pooled our resources together, and worshiped together and supported one another.

But our problems do not mean that it is okay for police to kill us, then have the media trash us AFTER that happens. Yet Hasselbeck, in her super-privileged wealthy White woman status, has no idea what her race and socioeconomic status shields her from, and unfortunately for her, she chooses not to educate herself. I am disgusted that she calls herself a Christian. Here’s to you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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