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Soooo… I am not sure how to ease into this, so I am going to post a couple links and a short description:

So You Think You Can Preach

So You Think You Can Preach TV Show Site

Okay, a little background here.

I was pleased when the show “Preach” that featured four “prophetesses” was yanked from the air. I was hoping that the producers, creators, participants of said show had learned a valuable lesson–that Christians can and will stand up. I was hoping that people who may have saw fit to capitalize on God would see what happened to that show and think again.

Welp, I was wrong.

The website for the show is super basic, contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors and it doesn’t seem as though this show has a very high budget or a well-thought through plan. Aspiring preachers have a chance to compete on this show and win $25,000, a new car, and a lifelong position in two megachurches (two?). Sadly, the first auditions are to be held in October in Detroit. Detroit is not doing so well–in June a Satanist organization unveiled a Baphomet statue, and I am sure people are aware of the problems that already plague the city–corruption, poverty, and crime. That city needs strong Godly leadership and I don’t see where they are getting it.

The judges, whom I have never heard of, are Cashma Bryan, “Pastor” Darlene Bell, and Sean Hardin. I attempted to click on their names, assuming that since these individuals have been chosen to judge preachers that they MUST have strong credentials. There was no information given about any of those people, leaving me to a Google search.

Cashma Bryan, a.k.a Brian Cashma, (am I wrong for finding irony in the fact that his name has the word “cash” in it) is the creator of the show. He is the Bishop of the Holiness Church of Jesus Christ in the Apostles Doctrine in Detroit, Michigan (WHAT?? What is the Apostles Doctrine???). To research him even further, I googled his church and found something alarming in the “About” part on their Facebook page, again with unacceptable misspellings:

“Holiness Church of Jesus Christ in the Apostles Doctrine is a religious organization that follows the beliefs and tecahings of the apostles. We believe the blessed Holy Spirit of God, and the Baptisn of Jesus Name.”

What do you mean, “follows the beliefs and TEACHINGS of the APOSTLES?”

Aren’t we supposed to be following Jesus?

Isn’t Jesus the one who taught the apostles???

Certainly the work done by the apostles was admirable. Those men sacrificed their lives to build what is now the modern-day church. Almost all of them met violent deaths due to their beliefs. HOWEVER, at the end of the day they were still MEN. Not divine men like our sinless Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, the apostles are not. That is why, although we can definitely appreciate the apostles and how diligently they worked to build the church despite persecution, we follow the teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ.

As for Darlene Bell, either I didn’t search for her correctly or no information on her is widely available on social media. On the show’s website, she is listed as a pastor and artist. When I Googled Sean Hardin, the name Deitrick Haddon came up right away. Interesting, I thought. Deitrick Haddon was on that detestable Preachers of LA show, which caused me to stop listening to his music. I didn’t like who he was on the show, and that put a bad taste in my mouth when it came to his music. However, I must admit that I liked the sampling of Sean Hardin’s music that I was able to find on Youtube:

Not to take anything away from any of these people, and I definitely don’t know them personally or professionally. Yet, we’re talking about JUDGING preachers. Preachers are supposed to be anointed by God. True preachers have received a call directly from God, exhorting them to preach the Gospel. Therefore, it seems as though any preacher who truly delivers and lives the Word of God has already won and doesn’t need this type of competition. Also, I was confused as to how the preachers would be judged, because true Gospel preaching includes the fact of Jesus’s sacrificial death, burial and resurrection–if that is included in a sermon, then the preacher has truly PREACHED. That led me to the criteria the judges will be using:




So even if I were to discount the fact that apparently someone has a problem with their arithmetic, because that adds up to 235%, I am confused as to how these criteria can be met. What exactly is “originality”? How original is their message expected to be? A Christian preacher builds a sermon by interpreting the Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit. There is nothing in the Bible that is open to a preacher’s originality. I guess what I am saying is that a preacher cannot add to or take away from the Word–they have to speak according to the Bible, not what they think or believe. So how original can they possibly be?

Creativity. Perhaps creative preachers use illustrations, metaphors, PowerPoint presentations, etc.? I don’t know. We shall see.

Delivery. I expect those that hoop and holler the most or use fancy words or over-the-top gestures (such as the preachers on Youtube who rode into their church on a horse, in a car, etc.) will get the most points for delivery. I find it interesting that delivery is given the most weight, as if the delivery of the Gospel message is more important than…the actual Gospel message itself.

I just don’t know about this one. I don’t see how regular everyday people can appropriately judge those who have been called by God (and that is assuming that a small fraction of these people have actually been called by God–that is questionable). I just never think God is to be taken lightly.


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