Rest in Heaven Dad.

My dad died rather unexpectedly on August 11th. And I am heartbroken. My heart has been torn to pieces and scattered. I am at a loss. I am hurt, I am angry, I am confused.

He appeared to be doing better and was discharged to a rehab facility that day. My family and I accompanied my mom as she took him up there and we made sure he got settled into his room. That evening I texted him to make sure he had gotten settled in okay and was going to get some sleep. He replied back at 10:04 p.m. He died shortly thereafter.

For all of you who pray I am soliciting your prayers for myself and my family. I have never experienced this much pain in my entire life. I loved my dad more than I even thought. I miss him. I don’t see how I can move on after this. I never imagined life without him. I am wondering why, knowing God has the power to heal, why couldn’t he have made my dad better. I pictured my dad at my son’s and daughter’s graduations, watching them go off to prom, etc. Why couldn’t that have happened? Why let him work so hard all his life and then take him away?

I may not ever receive the answers to the questions I have. But I have been praying for understanding and acceptance. I need it. I am… I am… I don’t know. I am struggling.

Giving me away

Giving me away


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