Please open your eyes

I finally have access to a computer and will come to you soon with the conclusion of Leviticus and beginning of Numbers.

In the meantime I am still asking for all who will to continue to pray for my Dad. He had to be resuscitated on Sunday, which was scary, and has been steadily improving, but got some overall poor news about his prognosis. The sarcoidosis has wreaked such havoc on his lungs that he is not a candidate for a lung transplant–allegedly (I am going to research this). He desperately wants to get better and today his spirits are a bit low.

On Thursday, July 30, I had the opportunity to travel to Traverse City, Michigan to attend the Traverse City Film Festival and watch a documentary about the epidemic of college sexual assault called The Hunting Ground. I need not repeat much of my story, but I will say again that I am a survivor of sexual violence at the hands of a football player while I was attending Grand Valley State University in 2003 (said football player had been removed from the football team at a previous university for his conduct. I wonder if he raped another woman there, before coming to Grand Valley and raping me). After I reported the assault, I was involved in a very poor reporting process and maltreatment at the hands of the university.

The movie has gotten poor reviews on several forums. People accuse it of being “feminist propaganda”, and accuse the filmmakers and participants of the film of exacerbating a “rape culture”. I have to wonder why people fail to believe that this actually happens.

The stories were devastating, much so because I could relate to them. I encourage for this movie to be mandatory viewing for all young people. For those who think the movie is propaganda, open your eyes. Wake up. It happens more than you would like to think. I am living proof. I was infuriated when I read those reviews, and tempted to respond (I still might).

Special thanks to Sarah Alexander and the very dedicated staff of Bode & Fierberg, LLP, a group of dedicated individuals who fight sexual violence. They hosted a panel discussion after the film where I was allowed to speak on my experience and answer a few questions from the audience, alongside members of the Bode staff.

For those of you who are interested, please view the following sites.


The Hunting Ground


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