This is when times get difficult. Yet I still rejoice.

These past few days have brought some victories and a lot of crying. When something good happens to me the first person I always wanted to tell was Dad. There was nothing like the look of pride on his face when he found out I was graduating, had gotten a new job, or become a […]

I’m pressing on…

There is too much work to be done for me to be consumed by my grief. This world is a crazy place, and a scary place. There are reports that claim that our nation is actually safer than it used to be, and that it only appears to be the opposite because of the onslaught […]

Now on to Numbers!

We have made our way, slowly but surely, through Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. Now we can move into the fourth book of the Bible, authored by Moses, the book of Numbers. Genesis was the book of creation, and we saw the beginning of mankind and the establishment of the nation of Israel as God’s chosen […]