Minor obstacle

Interestingly enough my laptop decides to die on me right as I have strengthened my resolve to finish up Leviticus and work on the manuscript I will (probably) be submitting to WestBow for publication (or Dorrance, idk yet). I no longer have the manual dexterity to freely type as much on my phone’s tiny keypad as I used to, but I am going to borrow a laptop ASAP. I am… WE ARE,.. so close to being finished with Leviticus. That brings me great joy because although I definitely understand the contents of the book and the reason it was written, and the book deepens and increases my love for God that he gave us Jesus for complete atonement of our sins as opposed to animal sacrifices, it is not the most entertaining read. Numbers, our next book, has its moments as well, but also has one of my favorite stories-that of Balaam and Balak.

See you soon, and have a blessed weekend. Pray for the families of Sandra Bland and Troy Goode. I’ve mentioned Sandra before, but news of the death of 30-something-year-old Troy after being hogtied by Mississippi police is relatively fresh to my ears. If you haven’t heard about either of these young people I encourage you to read up on them. At some point in time we Americans are going to HAVE to face the facts-there is a police brutality issue here. Don’t wait until it happens to you or a loved one to become informed.

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