Proud to represent RAINN

RAINN is making moves in the fight against child sexual abuse. TLC (which in my humble opinion needs to change their name from “The Learning Channel” to something else, as their program is majorly non-educational) announced that it would no longer air “19 Kids and Counting”. I must admit, I am completely ambivalent about the cancellation of the show. I think it is necessary in order for the family to regroup and move on outside of the public spotlight, but other than that, I was not a fan of the show anyway. My interest in the statement released by TLC pertains more to what they said about teaming up with advocacy groups to aid in the fight against child sexual abuse:

TLC and Advocacy

If TLC wants to retain their title as “The Learning Channel” it would help if they adopted more platforms such as these. An official statement from RAINN is here:

RAINN Partners with TLC

I wish all organizations included the best of luck in this endeavor. It is unfortunate that we need this dialogue and most definitely a change in some of our laws concerning child sexual abuse, but that is our reality.

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