Minor obstacle

Interestingly enough my laptop decides to die on me right as I have strengthened my resolve to finish up Leviticus and work on the manuscript I will (probably) be submitting to WestBow for publication (or Dorrance, idk yet). I no longer have the manual dexterity to freely type as much on my phone’s tiny keypad […]

Purification and Defilement

Moses wrote the book of Leviticus between 1440 and 1400 B.C. As we approach a discussion about purification and defilement in chapters 12-16, we must be recognizant of what Leviticus is truly all about. I mentioned previously that “Leviticus” means “pertaining to the Levites”, and we just saw the completion of a seven-day ordination of […]

Abstinence and celibacy? Not cool, right???

Every now and then a bit of salacious gossip makes its way to my eyes and ears. I’m no fan of either Russell Wilson or Ciara, but the latest revelation about their relationship and people’s response to it definitely got my attention. I remember when Ciara first came out. Her first song was very catchy, […]