Being racist means there is something wrong with YOU, not those you hate!

The story about the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E Church in Charleston, South Carolina made my blood boil.

Luckily, the young man who committed the crime, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, has been safely apprehended. (Interestingly enough, he was not looked at as a threat although he killed nine people, but a bikini-clad teenaged girl at a pool party was, so much so that she got her face put into the grass and the knee of a 180+ pound grown man put into her back).

Allegedly, this misguided soul was hoping to start a civil war. (I think the first one was disruptive enough, but perhaps that is just my opinion). His own uncle described him as introverted, and it has been written that this was a young man who did not have a job, a car, and barely left his room. I think I would be a tad concerned about my son’s mental stability if he was an adult and had no outside life. I definitely would not, as his father did, give him a gun.

Oddly enough, the opposite could be said of Roof in high school. Former classmates said their school was diverse, and Roof even had Black Facebook friends that were former high school mates. He was not bullied, although he may have been known to crack a racist joke or two, but nothing seems to suggest how he turned into what he became Wednesday evening–a cold-blooded killer.

The cowardice of this act is appalling. I can think of no other setting where I feel more safe than at church. I am even highly aware of my surroundings at home. Each night before I go to bed, I walk the house and make sure the doors are locked, the windows are secure, the stove is off, etc. I have discussed with my son what he is supposed to do if there is a fire in the house, and I removed my passcode from my phone so he can quickly call out in case of an emergency. Yet, I know our church has no immediate safeguards for this type of situation. There is really no way to plan for it. This coward of a young man went into a situation where unknowing people who were NOT a threat were completely off-guard. Does he feel accomplished now??

Several weeks ago, two White people came to my church during one of our Moody classes, a young man and woman. They had been walking and it had started to rain. They intended to seek shelter from the rain by standing outside underneath the shelter provided by the top of the building. The door was locked so they couldn’t have come in, but I saw them and opened the door and asked if they needed help. When they told me they were simply looking to get out of the rain, I invited them to come in. Seeing their backpacks and sleeping bags, I assumed they were homeless and asked if they wanted water or a snack. The young lady said she would like some water. Without thinking twice about it, I turned my back on both of them and left them there as I headed to the back to get her a cold bottle of water.

Turns out these people were down on their luck. They had moved from out of town, from Arkansas I believe, to help some family members. After an argument, their family had kicked them out of where they were staying, basically leaving them homeless and out of cash. My dear sweet husband took them to the hotel where they had been staying and paid for them a room. I wrote down some agencies in the area that might be able to help them find permanent housing if necessary.

I’ve never thought, at any time during any church service or Bible study or Moody class, that I could possibly be in danger.

What do I call a coward?

A coward is someone like this, who comes upon people like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I wonder what the people initially thought when this young White man came into their church. He actually sat through their prayer meeting and still managed to keep the hate in his heart to shoot them. It is almost scary to believe someone could be that hateful, but we already know that in the last days the love of many will (and is already) wax cold.

According to a survivor, when someone tried to plead with Roof not to do what he was doing, his response was to blame the ills of American society on Black people: ““I have to do it. You’re raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

Sooo, does this guy really think he made a dent in the Black population by killing nine people? Did he really further the cause of White America by shooting nine innocent people in a church??? All, and I do mean ALL, the White people that I know were HORRIFIED about this.

Small-minded racists are doing nothing to advance America. Do Black people have work to do? Absolutely. We need to first start by repairing our families. A strong family is the key to EVERYTHING. But I just wonder for those who are racist against Blacks, have you taken time to get to know ANY of us outside what you see on television or the Internet?

Because you see some of us acting up on YouTube or World Star HipHop, does that mean you get to make generalizations about all of us?

So because one (actually more) White people called me a nigger before, should it be okay for me to think all White people are racists?


Racists consistently talk about how Blacks commit more crime, without taking any other potential factors into consideration. I wonder if they have noticed how Blacks are profiled, or if they have seen how many Black men are having their convictions overturned. Or have they noticed that Whites dominate certain criminal actions–such as serial and mass murders and corporate crime. So, should we consider that as a talking point to try to prove that one race is superior over another? How about we STOP WASTING TIME and realize that we all have bad apples and, namely, an unequal society affects us all!

Poor education–higher likelihood of committing crime. Poorer neighborhoods=produce more criminals. How about making sure poorer areas have better schools?

Look at the countries that take better care of their citizens in terms of education, health care, etc. Then compare their crime rate and number of prisoners to ours. Tell me what you find. It seems like a no-brainer. We will never be able to get rid of crime completely, but not dropping the ball on the most vulnerable segments of society seems to be a good start.

Racists whose minds are too simple to grasp the underlying issues have nothing to contribute to decent society. I especially like the Internet bravado of people who sit in the comfort of their own homes and spew all kinds of racist crap from their computers and wouldn’t dare to say it to anyone outside their little circle. I’ve actually talked to a proclaimed racist before–he had had a bad encounter with some Black guys before. He was not racist after he met me. His fear after that bad event had left him distrustful and fearful of Blacks, but I bluntly told him that it was wrong and simple-minded of him to have made such a sweeping pronouncement on an entire group of people based on the actions of a few.

Admittedly my anger right now is clouding me from having nice words to say about the racists I have seen on the Internet today who are attempting to justify what Roof did. I actually kind of understand how a young mind like his could have been twisted to believe that Blacks were ruining the country after some of the comments I read today. A young, easily slanted mind could quickly fall for the racist propaganda. Roof took the bait hook, line and sinker.

Oddly enough I haven’t found it difficult to pray for him and be hopeful about his future, that he will see the error in his racist ways and come to repentance. I’ll go read some of my Bible, calm down, and come back with some more Exodus.

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