Being racist means there is something wrong with YOU, not those you hate!

The story about the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E Church in Charleston, South Carolina made my blood boil. Luckily, the young man who committed the crime, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, has been safely apprehended. (Interestingly enough, he was not looked at as a threat although he killed nine people, but a bikini-clad teenaged girl at a pool […]

A bit of random and a golden calf to boot

A couple of headlines caught my eye over the past couple of days… I find this woman and her story to be fascinating, and not necessarily in a good way. By now, I am sure everyone has heard the name Rachel Dolezal. My favorite picture is this one here–notice the book she is holding: (Snickering) […]

There are actually people this selfish in the world???

Speechless… “Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water” Disclaimer–only click the link and read the story if you have already eaten and fully processed your dinner or fourthmeal, because the complaints in this story made by a one Mr. Steve Yuhas,a Conservative radio personality in Southern California, are […]

Whose job is it to prevent rape?

As I have said on many occasions, I am a rape survivor. As in the vast majority of cases of college rape, my assailant was a “friend” (over 80 percent of sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances. Forty-seven percent of rapists are people that victims have identified as a friend or acquaintance, while 25% of […]