Another blasphemous “Christian” reality show to lead more astray, Yippity-skippity…


The sigh I just uttered is an exasperated one, a sigh of irritation and annoyance. I have gotten accustomed to looking at news as related to the Christian experience that I can share with my classmates on Tuesday evenings. Within the last few months, I have shown them churches that have a “Pastor and First Gentleman” as opposed to a “Pastor and First Lady”, which obviously means that two individuals blatantly living in sin have decided to forgo the Word of God and lean to their own understanding and desires; a Satanic temple that is less than twenty miles away from where I live; and as I have discussed on this blog, a pastor who decided to open his church for spring breakers to party. SMH.

Those of us who are diligent Bible students know that this world is full of false prophets and false doctrines. The Bible tells me that these people who add to or take away from the words of the Holy Writ are going to pay for it (Revelation 22:18-19). But I suppose in order to care you have to first A) truly be a Christian and B) study the Word to know and understand what it says so that you can apply it.

Apparently the women in this clip have not fully read the Bible, or for some reason have decided not to apply it, and my guess as to their motivation for what would influence any Christian to willfully decide not to apply Biblical learning, particularly in this case is financial and because of an un-Godly elevated sense of pride:

Lifetime Preach Reality Show

preach Uh, No....Another Church Reality Show  This Time Focus Is On Prophetesses (video clip)

Here we have four women who claim to be “prophetesses” (WRONG!) and believe they…not GOD... they, have the gift to heal. If you read the excerpts or bios that follow the 30-second video, you will see that one of them believes she has the ability to predict child birth and heal barren wombs; another has been called the “Beyonce of the Preaching World” (what, is she in the pulpit half naked, swinging her hair and twerking??); the third is a White woman who has been referred to as having the ability to “preach Black” and can get the crowd to roar and stand on their feet (OK… Lil Wayne can get people to their feet but that does not mean he is saying anything good…); and the last is having difficulties finding a husband.

Where, oh where do I begin…

Let’s start at the term “prophetesses”, or, if I may, hearken to the “prophets” of our Bible. These people were men and women that God used as his mouthpieces. Unlike the “prophetesses” of this spectacle, Biblical prophets received no training. They did not have a MENTOR. If you notice, each of these women have a protege that they are molding to be the next succession of prophetesses. Why can’t people immediately see the foolishness here? Why would one who was truly called to be a prophet of God need to be trained? All Biblical prophets had to do was say exactly what God wanted them to say, and prophecies were usually given as a response to or foreshadowing a major event. In the link above, notice that it says that one of the women, Belinda Carter, “considers” herself a “Major Prophetess”. Since when does one take it upon herself to wear such a title???? Does she think that the OT prophets referred to themselves as major or minor prophets?? Point blank, God chose prophets for a reason, and the reason was never to act as a psychic to an individual for something with no Biblical relevance at all. No, God’s prophets spoke to groups of people about their indiscretions and coming judgment and deliverance.

Why did the people of the Bible need prophets? Why don’t we need them? Simple.

We have this book here. Those people back then did not. So how else would God get His word to entire groups of people?

Anytime one claims to be a prophet, I wonder why they have decided to give themselves such a title and if they understand the ramifications of such a title. If a person was truly a prophet of God, the words they spoke ALWAYS came to pass (Deuteronomy 18:22). If they didn’t, they were held accountable: In Deuteronomy 18:20, the Word states that a person who claims to be a prophet who speaks anything other than what God has told him or her to speak or speaks in the name of other gods can be put to death!

Old Testament prophets–emphasis on Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet–were often burdened by their message. They did not glorify in their calling or what they had to say. They were not popular. They were not flashy and did not call attention to their prophetic gift. Today’s “prophets”, or “profits”, if I may, as that is what they are after–have no problem accepting the glory that if, they were humble, sincere, or even remotely honest, would go to GOD. If nothing else, these profits claiming to heal people are taking the glory from God and putting it on themselves. In the 30 second clip I watched, I saw nothing more than a show, a mockery, women who were completely out of line and gloried in being out of line. Should I even discuss the whole concept of women in the pulpit?

Why not.

First Timothy 2:11-12 states the following: “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet”.

At one point in time, I definitely had a problem with that. But now it doesn’t bother me. It does not bother me that God, for reasons that I may not understand, decided to create man first and then create woman. It has to do with how I have evolved in terms of the word “submission” and my understanding of how women are to be treated by men who are following God. As I have mentioned before, I look at the model of governing in most countries. In the United States, we do not have two presidents. Who have a president and a vice-president. The president is in charge, but he undoubtedly benefits from the support of the vice-president.

In my home, my husband is the president and I am the vice-president.

If a man is following after God’s own heart, he is not going to take his role as the head of the household the wrong way. Submission does not mean that women are less than men. As a matter of fact, men are exhorted to love their wives as Christ loved the Church just as Christ gave Himself up for her (Ephesians 5:25)! I’d say that is a pretty strong love right there, as Christ is the epitome of love. The love exuded by Christ is the agape type love that we as Christians ought to practice, that self-sacrificing, selfless unconditional love, as opposed to phileo or brotherly love, and eros, or the lust that people often mistake for love these days. A man who is practicing agape type love is not going to run over his wife, instead he is going to revere her and respect her, faithfully providing for her and putting her needs before his own. Isn’t that what Christ would do?

So after I resolved the idea of submission as not being a power struggle but instead a means of establishing order, I tackled the problem I had with women “not having a voice” in church. That is not the case. The Bible does not say that women are not expected to have roles in advancing the Gospel message. I think of the women in my church and how they are the heartbeat, the very backbone of the church, and the numerous roles they play. We are ushers and nurses. We work in the kitchen preparing food for families in mourning and the hungry. We teach our children (that would be me! I teach the kids for Sunday School and I LOVE IT!). We sing in the choirs and direct songs. We do community outreach. As we support our pastor as he does the work of God, we become co-workers with him in advancing the Gospel. At no time should any person, man or woman, believe that his or her role is more important than any other role in terms of increasing God’s kingdom. I may be wrong, but I do not think God assigns degrees of importance. I think it is just as important to show loving kindness to a bereaved family during a funeral, especially since during funerals a lot of unsaved family members, hurt and vulnerable, reeling from their family member’s demise, may show up and be brought in by a kind gesture alone, as it is to preach the Word. At the end of the day, if we are bringing souls to Christ our work is worthwhile!

Now I will admit I may not have a complete handle on why God has decided women should not teach men, but here is my humble opinion. Other than the concept of submission as applied to marital relationships, the concept also applies in terms of the church establishment. If a husband is supposed to be authoritative over his wife, yet she is the pastor of a church and thus is teaching him, there is a huge contradiction. Again, God did not say women are not useful in the church–I will go out on a limb and say in Black Baptist churches in particular, the majority of the congregation is probably Black women. Women play invaluable roles in the church. But per God’s Word we are not to be in the pulpit. And honestly, I am okay with that. Being a mother and wife is quite enough. And do people realize that pastors and preachers are going to be held to a higher level of accountability on Judgment Day? Look at what James says in chapter 3 verse 1: “Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment”.

I’ll pass on that.

It’s a matter of doctrinal order. God had his reasons for the way he established the order. And at the end of the day, we ought to simply be content with whatever gift we have and use it accordingly to bring people to Christ. So what if we’re not the pastor of the church. When we sing a song in the choir it might move something in their heart. When we usher and open the door with a smile to a newcomer, it might move something in their heart. Any time we show that agape love to a brother or sister, we’re doing good for God. That’s what is important.

But, I digress.

So I have yet to see how these female profits fall in line with anything Biblical, and it concerns me because there appeared to be a lot of people in their congregations, and this awful show stands to reach a lot of people as well. Admittedly, I laughed at the ludicro chest-bump and the idiocy of the woman falling out when one of the female profits blew in her face, but soon thereafter I became offended. Offended because it is all an act against Jesus. Aside from the fact that the chest bump was quite possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen, I wonder what the people on the receiving end could possibly have been thinking. Are they brainwashed? Were they playing to the crowd just like the profits/psychics were?

There are some people that have been honest and have admitted to having been in situations like this, where they were either subjected to a “healing” or made to speak in tongues. In each case, these people admitted that they faked it, either to be accepted OR to get people off their case. In one instance, an individual was told that he had to speak in tongues or else he was not saved, and people kept encouraging him to do it. Finally he got tired of their badgering and lapsed into gibberish. From what he told me, the others were excited and began praising God. Praising God for what? It is all evidence of misunderstanding spiritual gifts and taking things out of context. There are no prophets today and the tongues that were spoken by the apostles in Acts were actual languages (Acts 2:6-12). If they were not, the Bible would not call for the need for an interpreter (1 Cor. 14:28).

Scripture has told us all we need to know about false prophets. If what someone says does not line up with the Word, it must be rejected. Study the Bible and the prophets and their lives and the messages they spoke. False profits are here to glorify themselves, line their pockets, turn focus from Jesus to themselves, and do nothing to grow their flock’s relationship with Christ.

From the Gospel of Matthew, 7:15, 20-23, my brothers and sisters, do not be led astray, and do not let others be led astray…“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves… Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them… Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophecy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!'”

P.S. One of the women is having a hard time finding a husband shouldn’t her prophetic powers allow her to zone right on in to her Mr. Right?????

I think these women ought to stop using the title “prophetess” that denotes that what they’re doing is anything Biblical and change into a different uniform that really illustrates what they are attempting to do–because it is not prophecy.

Don’t forget these!


I pray for the innocent souls who have honestly been mislead by this kind of travesty, but admittedly I am too annoyed with these women, the producers of the show and the channel for putting this mess out there, only to confuse and alienate possible believers and make current believers look like fools. However, I still earnestly pray that whatever has blinded them to the truth be removed so they will not continue with this madness.

People who truly love the Lord do not steal His glory, and the definitely do not mislead His sheep.

Church is not about entertainment. It is about worshiping God. So one of the profits can entice people to roar? Fantastic. But what are they roaring ABOUT. And there was so much discussion of “healing”. Believe me, I understand the desire for a sick person to be healed. However, that may not always be God’s will. So do these women think they have more authority than God? If God has allowed someone to be afflicted with something, perhaps he has a reason and healing is not evident. Then what?

Just out of curiosity I looked up the women on YouTube. I wanted to see how often they adhered to what is central to our Christian faith–the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I did not have the time or patience to watch many videos, but I did not hear a single mention of that in their sermons. If any readers find any, please let me know.

Matthew 24:24-25: For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  See, I have told you ahead of time.”

This is why we must study to show ourselves approved (2nd Timothy 2:15). We will not be deceived if we are rooted and grounded in our Word.

For shame, Lifetime. In the infamous words of Susan Powter, STOP THE INSANITY!

(Am I the only one who used to think she was hilarious?)

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