Back in the saddle!

It was a long, but fulfilling weekend. On Friday, May 15th my beloved husband, the love of my life, the absolute apple of my eye, celebrated his 30th birthday. Unfortunately/fortunately for me, he looks like he is a grade-school student and I am often mistaken for his mother (I actually think it’s funny. I do […]

My son, a.k.a TenderHeart

I pray for my kids everyday. Not just my kids, but all kids. I try not to take it for granted that my eight-year-old son goes to school and comes home everyday, because I am quite sure that the parents of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, for example, fully expected to see their […]

Another blasphemous “Christian” reality show to lead more astray, Yippity-skippity…

Sigh. The sigh I just uttered is an exasperated one, a sigh of irritation and annoyance. I have gotten accustomed to looking at news as related to the Christian experience that I can share with my classmates on Tuesday evenings. Within the last few months, I have shown them churches that have a “Pastor and […]

Simple prayer request

I am going to be unusually brief today. I wanted to make it a point to blog at all points in my Christian journey, the spiritual highs and lows. I want to be honest–there is no need to pretend that everything is always rosy in the Christian life, or that I do not get sad, […]