Find the missing

I know it is a shot in the dark, but I do not think any one person or any one family is an island. We all need each other in one way or another. In a decent society, people are compelled by their inner moral compass to do what is right and look out for one another. We are our brother’s keeper.

It bothers me when people are abducted. It offends me personally that there are people vile enough to take another human being, as if they have the right. By far, abducting someone is one of the most selfish acts one can ever commit. Period.

I pray for children-not just my own, but all children, everyday. I think of how special my kids are to me. God allowed me to conceive them, carry them for nine months and birth them. They belong to God, my husband and me. No one has the right to take them for me.

Although I have a soft spot for kids I also have compassion for adults as well. Jessica Heeringa, although an adult, is someone’s kid too. She went missing here in Michigan two years ago exactly.

Her mother has a video posted on youtube. As a mother, it is heartbreaking.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime. Someone somewhere knows something. They might not have the entire story, but maybe a suspicion or a key piece of the puzzle. It has to be a major burden living with something so heavy. I pray that these kinds of incidents be resolved and some peace come to the families.


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