I am still in a bit of shock.

Something magical seems to have happened when Sallie Mae branched off and became Navient. Since this transition, I have had a 100% better experience in terms of managing my student loans. I am not one of the people who feels I am not obligated to pay. I have never said that I felt that I did not owe the money–I borrowed it, so of course I intended to pay it back. My problems with Sallie Mae had nothing to do with my unwillingness to pay back my loans. Instead, my problem was when one of their representatives told me, before I had even fully processed my beautiful Master’s Degree, that I was expected to pay them to the tune of $1200 a month when I was making $11.50 an hour.

Most of the reps were rude and unhelpful, even after I submitted every piece of paperwork they asked for to illustrate my expenses vs. income. At the end of the day the amount I had to pay back monthly still took a huge bite, but it was apparently the best I could do. Even after the agreement had been cemented and the several payments were made-on time, as I had the funds debited directly from my bank account–they sent one of my loans into collections for default. I have consulted an attorney for that. For the record, paying back my loans from the government has been smooth sailing.

Even such, my problem with student loans is the very fact that they exist. Before we tackle the problem of student loans, which leave young Americans with huge amounts of debt, meaning we cannot buy homes or cars or save for retirement, we need to first figure out why the heck college costs as much as it does. In my humble opinion that is the crux of the problem. Young people would not feel compelled to take on such huge debts if college was more affordable. Making more loan money available doesn’t solve the problem, nor does the solution of just forgiving all student loans (not that I am against that!). If the student loan problem is ever to be addressed properly here in America, the discussion will have to first involve an in-depth analysis of why college costs have skyrocketed.

But I digress. Since I have come down with MI (Mystery Illness) I have not been working. I have been searching the Internet and found several boards where people discussed similar symptoms and the frustrations of sometimes waiting weeks, months or even years for a proper diagnosis, while in the meantime having to reorganize their lives, including their jobs, to accommodate the unnamed illness. It was a pretty disheartening search, but perhaps this is a test of my patience. I am impatient because I sometimes feel as though the doctors and medical staff are not listening to me. During my last doctor’s appointment the physician felt very strongly that my symptoms were metabolic in nature. I went there with several complaints–the muscles in my body, namely my legs, were twitching enough to where it could be seen through my clothing at times; I was having digestive problems, weakness in my extremities,namely my legs again, and, embarrassingly enough, sexual problems. Also, when the physician attempted to check my leg reflexes,she banged the heck out of my knees several times and elicited no response. I then had to clap my hands repeatedly as she banged some more and my legs still did not move.

The lab results came back fine, showing no metabolic cause for my symptoms.I was hopeful that once that was ruled out, the next step would be to have me come in for the scans I had initially requested–PET, CT, both, whatever.

Nope. There has been no follow-up. My neurologist cannot see me until late next month. In the meantime I am left to Google everything, including the now-present pounding in my left ear that is synonymous with my heartbeat, and try to figure out myself what might be wrong. In the meantime, I am having difficulties having my FMLA paperwork processed, and I do not think someone who is not well should have to do all of this back-and-forth. I am glad I am not in dire straits, like, for example, a cancer patient. I can only imagine how the FMLA process can put a further strain on the health of those suffering with serious, identified/diagnosed illnesses.

In the meantime, I am still trying to do my best to be as less of a financial burden in my household as I can, I suppose. So when I logged into my Navient account, I was surprised to find an unexpected but highly pleasant box on my loan summary page that had a ZERO BALANCE for one of my loans.


I was also beyond pleased with the beautiful sunshine. The weather here has almost reached perfection. Sixty-seven degrees, beautifully clear sky–I opened most of the windows in the house to allow Mr. Sun and the fresh air breeze right on in. Although winter is technically the shortest season, it always feels like the longest. I have vowed to spend as much time basking in the sun during the spring and summer as I can.

Before I forget, I wanted to post an interview I read on Christian Post. A short time ago I had commented on “The Book of Yeezus”. Christian Post managed to land an interview with one of its publishers:


I was still dissatisfied after reading the interview.

Well, my children should be home soon and I would love to spend some outdoors time with them. Till next time (which may very well be later this evening, depending on how I feel), here are a few of my favorite songs that truly express my appreciation for sunshine 🙂

(Just realized my links are not posting… I will try later 😕


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