Time to catch up-rant

It has been awhile since I have been on my blog–far too long, and there shouldn’t be any excuses made, however, I do feel as though I have a decent one…

I guess I have two excuses–number one, I do not have a computer right now. I was recently given a laptop gratis by a friend of the family, so now all I have to do is get a new power cord for it and some Internet access and I can study and blog to my heart’s desire.

However, the main excuse is that I have been working, in more ways than one. At my job, which I won’t spend ANY time discussing, and in my home of course, and increasingly, at my church. What I have discussed is that when people discover your abilities and willingness, they tend to ask more and more of you, and as a Christian, I will not say “no” to any favor asked of me when it comes to serving the Lord unless there is a VERY good reason not to.

I was asked to be the Sunday School teacher for the teenagers, a position I accepted immediately. I have been studying with the Moody Bible Institute for four years now. It was beyond time to put my learning into application. I love doing it. I love the kids. That position requires study and prayer, for I am not ever going to allow myself to go teach those kids something incorrect. I take the responsibility very seriously.

I have been asked to help out in some capacity for each of the major programs put on by my church, including most recently our Pastor’s anniversary celebration. I have been trying, with my family, to attend all of the afternoon services at either our church or others, and of course my kids are still active in the youth choir. It is all very rewarding. It does get taxing sometimes, admittedly, because to a lesser extent, once people know that you are willing to do something, sometimes people will use you… but that should not prevent you from working for GOD.

Herein lies the substance of my rant.

At my church I am also the site coordinator for the Moody Bible Institute class that is offered there. When I first began, attendance was decent, but it has consistently dwindled over the years. For the class to stay open, we have to have a minimum of seven (the number of completion!) students. Why? Namely to pay the professor, a very dedicated reverend who drives twenty or so miles to teach us, only to have an audience of 3-4 students at a time. Moody has been very flexible with keeping the class open despite the attendance, with the understanding that the past winter was a possible hindrance to participation and with the understanding that people may not be able to afford the cost of the class. They responded by dropping the price for new students. I have tried to help solicit support by sending letters of invitation to neighboring churches and providing snacks out of my own pocket. Apparently, people just aren’t interested in learning.

I am not taking it personal, what I am offended and upset by is that these classes are supposed to be for Christians, people who are supposed to strive to be “Christ-like”… how can you be Christ-like if you know nothing about He who we’re supposed to follow? How can you learn about Him if you do not read and study the Word?

I am frustrated by the unwillingness of Christians to do ANYTHING to advance their relationship with God and wonder how one comes to a point where they are complacent, where they feel maybe they don’t need to know anything else. I am never satisfied, my thirst for the Word of God can never be quenched, and the more I learn the more I want to learn. As I learn more, I want to do more and want to be a better servant and representative for my Lord and Savior. As I read more I understand why Christians ought to have a sense of urgency when it comes to spreading the Gospel, being the light and salt of the earth in these rough times. People NEED us. There are so many lost people in this world that we could be bringing to Christ but are in no position to be used by God for that. Not only because we don’t study, but also because we do not want to work to spread the Gospel. Most of us don’t want to work in our own church, let alone go out into the community and do anything outside of our comfort zone.

Not saying I have never been that way before. Years ago when my faith life was lacking, I was a spiritual babe and of little value to God. Why? Because I was selfish. I believed in God but I was still super worldly. I wanted God to answer my sporadic prayers and take care of me but I had nothing to offer Him in return. Like so many people of the world who only want God to swoop in like some type of supernatural Superman and save the day when things are in shambles, I treated God more like a Santa Claus than the creator and sustainer of this world. I only talked to him when I wanted or needed something and definitely was a poor representative of Him. He had every reason to wipe me out for such blatant disregard for His person but thank God He didn’t… He saw even more than I ever could have.

Selfishness has no place in a Christian life. But, we are. We are selfish with our money–we don’t want to support the church financially. We are selfish with our time–we get upset when church service runs too long. However, when we are told by our boss to work late, we go ahead and do that. We don’t want to get fired and we want the extra money. Yet, we forget that if we are obedient to God our needs will be supplied, and lest we forget that all that we have God gave it to us in the first place. We are selfish with our talents and abilities–we don’t want to get tied down by a commitment that might cramp our lifestyle.

So that places a huge burden on the faithful few that are happy to work in the church. Again, I am always happy to work for God. However, after a few people keep getting called upon to do everything in the church because the larger portion of the congregation does not want to do their fair share, then yes humanity comes in and the faithful few may get weary. I am included. Yes, I get weary, but I am not going to stop, and I am not going to tell anyone no unless I have a reason to when my help is requested.

I just wonder why my fellow saints don’t think the same.

If we love the Lord who hears our cries, why can’t we do anything for Him?


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