Sin as a chronic condition

At the doctor’s office where I work as a medical receptionist, patients often come in for what are termed “CCVs”. CCV stands for “chronic condition visit”. Certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions that have an increased risk of causing comorbid conditions require tight monitoring by one’s primary care physician. Depending on the severity of the condition, the PCP (primary care physician) may advise the patient to come in for blood tests or blood pressure checks each month. Typically, CCVs occur every three or six months.

Each day I am appalled at the behavior of the patients who come in or call the office. Without going into too much detail, I have determined that my biggest frustration with my job is not the job itself. It is that a lot of the people are reflections of the selfish society we live in. I have alluded to this before on this blog, I believe, but most patients do not seem to care that each doctor has hundreds, even thousands of other patients beside themselves, and have difficulty accepting that what they want done will not get done right away.

In my life, there have been two types of people I have never gotten along with–flashy materialistic people and selfish people, Even at my worst I have been extremely generous, knowing that, even in my frustration with my circumstances at any given time, I have more than a lot of other people, and that in due time God will bless me with what He knows I can handle. (More on that shortly). Although, thanks to my hard-working parents, I enjoyed a very comfortable living, I did not show it off with expensive clothes or shoes. A waste of money–what’s in style one day won’t be the next. I don’t have the time or patience to keep up with fads. (Although every now and then the woman in me kicks up strong and I find myself eyeballing a Michael Kors bag or an expensive pair of shoes :-).

The influence of the devil in our society is getting more prevalent each day and I do not know HOW people are missing it. Have people not noticed how self-absorbed people are? How we can’t even be safe sending our kids outside to play out of fear that some pervert is going to come and take them away to do God knows what? We can’t even be safe sending our kids to school, without the fear that someone is going to come into the school with a machine gun, or that some sicko teacher is going to try to seduce our kids?

Do people notice that when they were growing up it was rare to hear a curse word on television and that we never saw a bare body part?

Sin has become extremely pervasive and it it is disappointing to me that people are not acknowledging the fact that we have kicked God out of our society and let the devil jump right on it and get comfy. Sin has become a chronic condition in our lives and we have to take the steps to make sure it does not cause comorbid conditions. For us Christians we have to use whatever resources we have and need to make sure that the ways of the world do not become the ways of our lives. We have to go to our pastors if we need to (and not the type of pastor you see on Preachers of LA–a pastor who loves the Lord with all his heart and lives his life accordingly). We need to use our other Christian brothers and sisters as resources as well–learn to love and trust one another to where we can turn to each other when we are weak. Pray for the strength of our Christian brothers and sisters to continue to walk with the true and living God despite what the world says is okay. Read the Bible and have verses ready to combat your human emotions as you go throughout your day–I personally have to have several close by (either written out or on my tablet  Bible nearby) to remind me to “sin not” when I get angry at work.

Our Christian CCV to combat our sin nature, which can easily be exacerbated by this world, has to include regular worship with the saints (“forsaken not the assembling of the saints!”), prayer, study, and leaning on one another. Just like medical CCVs occur regularly, so should ours. Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension require daily modifications to one’s life, whether it be medication-related or dietary. So too are the lives of Christians to be modified to reflect the “new man” (or woman) we have become upon accepting Christ.

I know that it is hard. In my job, I often find myself boiling with anger with something I would have said ten years ago in my reckless days right on the tip of my tongue. I pray every day for the strength of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I request your prayers as well.

To end on a good note, my testimony that with obedience your prayers will be answered: The Cobalt I was driving died yet again. We were faced with the decision of getting the engine fixed (thousands of dollars). It was frustrating, but the opportunity presented to get another car, and we did. Not brand new, but BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE IT. Safe, clean, affordable. Also, we have been praying for a bigger home for our children. We got that too. Not our dream house of the future, but it IS our dream house for NOW. Affordable, decent location, space for the kids to run and play in the house.


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