Happy Father’s Day!

This is truly one of my favorite holidays.

Sadly, not all dads deserve celebration today. I wish to say Happy Father’s Day to those stand-up men who didn’t take the easy way out. Happy Father’s Day to the men who are not afraid to say that Jesus is their Master, their Lord and Savior. Happy Father’s Day to those men who do not shirk the responsibility that comes along with being the head of the household. Happy Father’s Day to the men who go to work eight, ten, twelve hours a day to support their families. Happy Father’s Day to the men that love their wives as Christ loves the Church, and to those men who train up their children diligently in the ways of the Lord.

Fatherhood is beautiful. Undoubtedly difficult, but beautiful. My relationship with my very hard-working father–beautiful. Being able to claim a hard-working husband who lovingly raises his children-beautiful.

Our Lord and Savior had the benefit of two fathers, as we all do–God, the divine Father of us all, and his earthly father, Joseph, the carpenter. Joseph was, in simple terms, the right man for the job. He and Mary were not married, but engaged, and when he found out she was pregnant, he could have reasonably jumped to the conclusion that she had had sex with another man and was now pregnant with his child. Jump forward to 2014–unfortunately this situation is common now, but how often does the man just let it go quietly?? Well, that is what Joseph intended to do. Being a man of character, Joseph intended to put Mary away quietly. He was not going to make a fuss or broadcast her supposed transgression. As was part of his plan, God intervened and told Joseph that Mary had not been with another man, and the baby she was carrying had been borne of the Holy Spirit.

What Joseph did next impresses me even further. When God spoke to him, he accepted, believed, and acted accordingly.

Joseph was a stand-up guy. God knew which man to allow to be involved with such an integral part of His Son’s life. It is in my humble opinion that God knows exactly what he is doing when he gives children. It is my opinion that he picks the right dad for the right son or daughter. My husband and my son are the perfect fit for one another. My husband is, whether or not he knows and does so purposely, is teaching my son some invaluable lessons–a man is supposed to work if he wants to eat; a man does honest work to achieve his goals; a man takes care of his family sometimes at his own expense; a man is law-abiding; a man does not cuss or disrespect his wife; and above all, a man loves and fears the Lord. He is teaching his daughter that when she grows up she ought to seek out such a man. He is teaching his daughter self-confidence and importance.

I am very proud of my husband because he did not have an example to follow. He has pretty much carved out his own path for fatherhood and I love him for it. My dad is the same. Both made a choice of the type of man they wanted to be, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Below is information related to the importance of fathers in their children’s lives. Fathers, if you are not already, PLEASE stand up. I believe a lot of our social ills would be diminished if only we could remove the dysfunction from one of God’s most important institutions–the family.

Hope you enjoy my family photos.


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