The Power of Being YOU

Unfortunately, I missed church today, as I am still recovering from bronchitis and both my kids are sick as well–my son experienced an exacerbation of his asthma and my little girl has a very bad cough and congestion.

Whenever I miss church I still like to know what happened during the day’s service. I was pleased when my mother told me that about six or seven people in a row stood up to share their personal testimony with the congregation.

Personal testimonies always touch me in a special way. Number one, I have much appreciation and admiration for those who are courageous enough to stand up in front of a group of people, some of whom are more judgmental than others, unfortunately, and talk about themselves–their shortcomings, their failures, their deficiencies. Number two, I appreciate and admire those who are able to say that they have turned those shortcomings, failures and deficiencies around, and number three, I appreciate and admire those who stand boldly and give God the glory for their victories.

I am not a huge fan of Facebook or Twitter because in my opinion, those sites are abused by people who over-share information that people in a decent society would keep to themselves. People share things that they ought to be ashamed or embarrassed about. A few days ago I read a story of a young lady who took to Twitter to discuss how she had received $3500 for performing oral sex on two NBA basketball players. Why did I read the entire story? Honestly, I was in disbelief. This young lady was proud of her “career”. Apparently, this is something she does frequently. I will never visit anything related to her again and I am not going to post her name because I don’t think her Twitter page, or that of her friend who tweeted her to say that they needed to start organizing their “sex party”, deserve any more hits (or views, or re-tweets, or whatever they’re called).

I was abhorred. I’ve said this before and I will say it again–I did not drop out of the sky. I have two kids out of wedlock so obviously I am guilty of sexual sin. So while I cannot say that this young lady is incapable of turning her life around, I have to admit I was absolutely disgusted by her page, and I am disgusted by a lot of young women’s pages. Everyone wants to have the biggest butt or be the most naked. In my opinion, and feel free to disagree with me if you must, but in my opinion, the character of a society’s women is a serious identifier of that society’s morality. Ours is in decay.

This is the information that people decide to make public. What they fail to realize is that once that information is out there, it cannot be taken back. One day, perhaps that young woman is going to have a daughter who will read what her mother used to be, and, if her mother is her first female role model (as a mother should be to her daughter), the daughter may think that behavior is acceptable and normal of a young woman. This young lady may have a son who has friends who look up his mother’s pictures of her with her breasts and lady bits out and bring them to his attention. And then what?

My point is, everyone wants to be noticed and feel important. Some just go about it with the wrong things in the wrong way. Everyone I see on Facebook or Twitter (and no, I do not have accounts on either, but I have seen them) thinks their lives are important enough to where they have to over-share even the most unimportant of details–what they ate, they just brushed their teeth, they are mad at the world and someone is going to pay, etc.

Well, our lives are important–God gave them to us, he didn’t have to– but we have to be careful–if we are a Christian–not only what we do or say, but how we live altogether. If we have a Facebook or Twitter page, it ought to be reflective of our Christian lives. We can reach so many people with social media and our personal testimony is something that no one can take from us. Of course there are people out there who can and will challenge Christian doctrine, but they cannot tell you that you did not experience what you know you experienced.

And no one can tell me that it wasn’t God who saved my life after I was raped. No one can tell me it wasn’t God who took the knife out of my hands when I was about to slit my wrists. So I choose to live a life that reflects that, and even if I do ever make a Facebook page or Twitter account, I choose to share that personal testimony with the hopes that the experience that has empowered me will empower someone else.

It is another aspect of being uniquely YOU. Your experiences, who you are, set you apart from any of God’s other children. Use it to bring someone into closer fellowship with Him. So much of social media is being used for selfish exploits–for people to bring attention to themselves. Let’s each make it a point not to feed into that world mindset–ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!

Make each day about HIM, HIM, HIM, HIM!

*The picture is not mine. It was retrieved from, from an article entitled “Facebook’s Biggest Issue is its Serious Bait-and-Switch”, written by Lisa Barone for Business Insider, 5/14/2010.


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