I’m still pulling for you, GM…

This saddens me.


The whole situation with General Motors and this recall has affected me profoundly. In several of my past posts, I have mentioned my frustrations with my 2006 Chevy Cobalt and how it turned off in the middle of driving or the engine had issues with little to no warning. As it turns out, it is one of the cars being recalled.

Of course I do not approve of how this was handled. I personally have complained about the problem for the past several years. Obviously I am not the only one, as a simple Google search of the car turned up thousands and thousands of posts with similar complaints and no surefire solutions.

At the time I got the car, I was pregnant with my first baby and needed a car bigger than the little Ford Escort I was driving. I got the Cobalt with a great deal–my dad’s GM discount, no money down and 0% financing. An excellent deal on a brand new car. The monthly payment–only $196 a month. In total I paid about $17,000 for the car.

But that is not counting the money that was misspent as we tried to repair what we THOUGHT was wrong with the car but truly wasn’t. We have probably spent closer to $30,000 on the car, and now it can’t be resold. I would not think of selling that car to anyone.

However, GM is the company my dad retired from after over thirty years of service. GM provided me with a stable, happy childhood in good neighborhoods, with good schools and good teachers, healthy food, health insurance and access to good doctors, safe transportation, and more than enough toys and books to satisfy my childhood needs, wants and whims. GM took us to DIsneyWorld, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and put some money toward my college education.

General Motors employs over 200,000 people. If a class-action lawsuit is successful, does anyone really think the CEO is going to lose her job? No. Who is going to pay? A bunch of lower-tier workers who are probably already on the fringes of poverty. I personally will not take part in any class-action lawsuit or anything that might cause people to lose their jobs.

Although I had some near-misses in my Cobalt–yes, it stopped a few times when my kids were in the car, and I am furious about that–I still cannot bring myself to be a part of anything that might bankrupt even one family. I do not see how any American can be rooting for another American company to go under. Along with that company going under, that means that many more people will lose out on their food, homes, and everything else attached to their livelihood. I am never going to stand for that. I am still pulling for GM to come through this, make this right, and produce better cars. Heck, I do not know why they can’t go back to the days of old–I do not EVER remember hearing about recalls on our cars in the 80s and early 90s. Maybe they to revisit their engineering foundations or something. They need to figure out what made their cars better back in the day and return to that business model.

And it would be nice if they would come to someone like me with a decent offer on a new car, since the one i have is defective.


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