Being used by God

There is nothing more rewarding.

First, I must discuss the major oobstacle I have recently overcome.

My health has been in a precarious state for the past few months now. My hair had been coming out, my immunity was low, I was fatigued in the strongest definition of the word-Imean true, torturous exhaustion. Despite being tired I could not sleep at night and was irritable, short-tempered and had difficulty focusing and remembering things throughout the day. My hand, arm and leg would be tingly on the left side only, and pain or numbness on one side is NEVER a good thing. Sounds serious, right?


Kind of, but not life-threatening.  My iron levels, for reasons unknown to me, are ridiculously low. Other major illnesses with similar symptoms, including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, have been ruled out.




So now I am taking supplements and hopefully will feel their effects soon so I can get back on with my regularly-scheduled life.


So, the Devil didn’t win that one. I knew I would be okay even if it was something serious.

The Devil also lost last night. I have some flu-bronchitis type deal going on. I was nominated to be the speaker for my church’s annual Women in Red program. We  used “Women walking in faith” as our theme, and used 1 Timothy 3:11 for our Scripture. Although that passage of Scripture is aimed specifically at deacons wives, my point was that all Christian women ought to br grave, sober, not slanderers and faithful in all things.

Despite my illness, I did not cough or sniff once as I spoke. Everything went flawlessly. That is the beauty of when God speaks through you. If you are doing what God wants you to do or saying what He wants you to say, He is going to see you through so through you one of His children may  be touched.

I would like to ccongratulate all of the women of my church. They are a phenomenal group of women and deserve all of the good things that come their way. All of them are older than me and by watching them I see how a Christian woman ought to carry herself. It is a blessing to be around them.


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