I am seriously falling short…

In more ways than one.

It has been a long time since my last post, and my reason for that is unacceptable, I am willing to admit.

I am exhausted.

I asked for the job, and I got it. I am very happy with my new job. I have what has to be the best group of co-workers I could have ever been placed with. Everyone is beyond helpful and supportive, and when I make a mistake I am confident that I will be corrected in a way that is never rude or condescending. It is in healthcare, the field I have been looking to get into and went to school for, in the very organization and location I had been hoping for.

Yet, I am struggling to get into a decent groove while working forty hours each week.

Something is always lacking. Either there is laundry to be done that gets piled up, or I skimp on preparing healthy home-cooked meals for my family. And, of course, the most obvious. I have not been reading or writing as much as I had before. I have continued to read Exodus, but have to post the rest of my notes and commentary. But, therein is the evidence of my failing. I should have been deep into Leviticus by now, not just wrapping up Exodus.

How can I tell my spiritual self needs attention? My temper has been short the last few weeks, more curse words have been falling from my lips than before, and I have just been overall ten times more stressed. No one can tell me that is not because I have cut back on my prayer and study time. So I’m not going to let it continue.

I have gone into over-organization mode. I have let my exercise routine go as well, and it is becoming noticeable. So, for next week, I printed out a series of worksheets aimed at helping me better manage my time and responsibilities. I am not going to rob God anymore… I am going to be back in full effect before I know it.

If only I hadn’t left my notebook at work…

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