I have been humbled…

God is doing amazing things in my life.

It is hard for me to even think up a good enough beginning for this post, one that truly describes the wonderment I feel when I think about how God loves me and provides for me, as awful as I am sometimes.

I would like to post a song that describes how I feel right now. It is entitled “The Best in Me” by Marvin Sapp.

My job search has been long, dogged, and full of ups and downs. There have been times when I honestly thought that a decent job was within my grasp, only to slip right through my fingers. Rejection letters, rejection emails, and no follow-up contact at all, resulting in feelings of failure and feeling unappreciated and misunderstood. I do not think that anyone who has not had a long, extended bout with unemployment and a frustrating job search can truly understand what it is like to want to work, seek to satisfy, and help take care of your family and keep being told by people who only know what they see on a piece of paper, and in some cases, learn about you from a brief interview that you are not good enough for their organization.

Integrated Health Associates, a growing healthcare organization here in Michigan, was the organization that God led me to, that, like him, saw the best in me.

I am happy to report I have been hired on to IHA as a Medical Receptionist. No, not happy…elated. Still shocked.

But check this out–this is not just any job with any company. This was the job with the organization I really wanted.

My experience with this organization as a patient had revealed to me the intimacy involved in each practice. I craved a supportive, friendly environment in a great organization where I could have a long career. I have found it. I have never been an employee to miss a lot of work, and only called in when there was a real emergency. I have always taken pride of my work–it is a matter of personal satisfaction to do a GREAT job at EVERYTHING. Of course, like everyone else, I fall short, but I definitely give 100% when I am blessed with a job.

After my experience with unemployment, IHA is going to get the best of me. As long as they will have me, I am theirs, ready to absorb whatever knowledge they have for me.

And now I am in tears, and will come back to you with more Exodus.


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