Getting stressed…

Things are getting REAL now…

And I am getting stressed out.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish what I often intend on accomplishing when I wake up in the morning.

Speaking of waking up in the morning, one of the reasons I may not accomplish everything I want to accomplish is because I am ALWAYS tired. I do not recall the last time I got a good night’s sleep. One of my kids is always waking up during the night or talking in their sleep. Or I have to wake up and change positions because I am so uncomfortable. I wake up every morning with a brand new ache or pain, and fatigue. I have again been drowning myself in coffee.

I am working at Measurement Inc again, scoring tests. Now, understand me here–I have NO complaints about the job. It is a good job. I work with WONDERFUL people. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive. My first day back, I was excited to see who I might run into. There are lots of people there (mostly retirees) who have been scoring those tests for years now! I too am a seasoned veteran, since I have been there off and on since 2010. But again, the people there are all so wonderful, I do not mind going back there. I appreciate the opportunity to have steady, albeit temporary, work. And it is interesting work.

The job is not the problem. The lack of sleep and poor time management are the problems. Somehow, I have to get myself into a groove IN SPITE OF the lack of sleep. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never again get a good night’s sleep. Regardless, there are things that must be done. I have several loads of laundry I will have to tackle. I have to make sure we have something to eat–we cannot keep eating out so much. I have to make sure my son’s school things are prepared, get his lunch ready, make sure my daughter has clothes for the following day with Gramma, keep our little place tidy, and oh, did I mention my class?

I am in kind of a bind because my field project may take longer than I have available. I am hoping that I can speak with the woman I have been talking to and develop an idea that can be implemented within the ten week time period. If not, I am back to square one.

And lest I forget, I have been neglecting Exodus? Yes, I am the site coordinator for Moody, and our new class is on Acts. But I have been meaning to get to my own personal study, for my personal satisfaction, of Exodus, a book I found COMPELLING (especially in terms of how those Israelites kept complaining!).

And I did not exercise.

So the weekend rolls around, and one would think that would give me a bit of time to get some things accomplished, right? Nope.

I am not just getting stressed. I am.


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